Jack, the Torment Demon, from Shadows by Joan De La Haye

Bertram: Who are you?

Jack: I’m a Torment demon who will drive you to suicide. I’ll even help you pull the trigger. It’s all in a day’s work and I love my job.

Bertram: Where do you live?

Jack: I live in the Shadow World when I’m not tormenting some idiot human.

Bertram: Are you the hero of your own story?

Jack: Of course. Why wouldn’t I be the hero? Just because I’m a demon doesn’t mean I can’t be the hero.

Bertram: What is your problem in the story?

Jack: My latest victim doesn’t want to believe I’m real. It really irritates me when people do that. I’m not simply a figment of the imagination.

Bertram: Do you embrace conflict?

Jack: Oh, I’m the very heart and soul of conflict. I get bored very easily and causing conflict is the best way to liven things up. Wouldn’t you agree? 

Bertram: How do your friends see you?

Jack: My friends have long since withered to dust. All I have now are the people who I torment and others of my kind. They aren’t exactly the friendly type. I don’t care how others perceive me. I’m not who I am by choice, so you and everybody else can think what you like.

Bertram: Do you have a hero?

Jack: What part of ‘I’m the hero’ didn’t you understand?

Bertram: Do you have a goal?

Jack: My goal is to make you kill yourself and if I get to make you scream along the way – well, that’s just gravy.

Bertram: What makes you happy?

Jack: The sound of someone’s agonised screams has always put a smile on my face. I also love popping open a bottle of Champagne when yet another soul becomes mine to torment for all eternity. Of course I never tell them that will happen before they blow their brains out. The look of shock on their faces when they realise their fate makes it all worth while.

Bertram: What are you afraid of?

Jack: Well, considering I can’t die, there isn’t all that much that scares me, but the council members, who run the Shadow World, always manage to scare what’s left of my humanity right out of me.

Bertram: What makes you angry?

Jack: I get very angry when my victims ignore me or try to pretend that there’s nothing wrong.

Bertram: What makes you sad?

Jack: It upsets me when my victims give in, when they stop fighting. Why do people give up so easily?

Bertram: What do you regret?

Jack: What kind of a question is that? Don’t you have anything better to do than ask ridiculous questions? Why would I have regrets? I’m a demon. Demons don’t have regrets, do we?

Bertram: Has anyone ever betrayed you?

Jack: One of my slaves betrayed me, murdered my family and turned me into this fearsome, horrible creature.

Bertram: Have you ever failed anyone?

Jack: Yes, I failed to protect my wife when I was mortal. As a result both she and our unborn child were murdered in a foul and unspeakable manner.

Bertram: Do you keep your promises?

Jack: If I promise that you’re going to die screaming – you will die screaming.

Bertram: Are you honorable?

Jack: I have my own code of honour, so in that way I would say – yes. I am honorable.

Bertram: What is your favorite music?

Jack: I quite enjoy listening to Queen. Their ‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ is now one of my favourite songs. I’m thinking of making it my anthem.

Bertram: What is your favorite item of clothing?

Jack: My leather biker jacket is my favourite item of clothing. It makes me look really mean.

Bertram: If you were stranded on a desert island, would you rather be stranded with a man or a woman?

Jack: I would definitely prefer being stranded with a woman. Their screams are just so much more interesting. There’s something about the pitch when a woman screams. It sends shivers up my spine.

Bertram: How do you envision your future?

Jack: Well, my future is looking pretty interesting at this stage. I’m going to have a lot of fun with a girl called Carol. You’ll read about her in Shadows and I think you’ll agree that she deserves me. Then I’m going to pay Sarah another visit. I’ve missed her.

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14 Responses to “Jack, the Torment Demon, from Shadows by Joan De La Haye”

  1. Joan De La Haye Says:

    Hi Pat.
    Jack truly enjoyed the interview and he hopes he left you all a quiver.

    Joan De La Haye

  2. Roxanne Smolen Says:

    Wonderful interview. An exercise like this makes all our characters real, which is why I have trouble sleeping at night.

  3. Susan Whitfield Says:

    And I thought my villain in Just North of Luck was bad! Great villain, Joan, and the interview was a fun read, Pat.

  4. Mark Says:

    Great interview! Hope to hear more about Jack.

  5. A. F. Stewart Says:

    Jack certainly enjoys his work.

  6. Pat Bertram Says:

    Thank you all for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. Though I’m not sure “enjoy” is the proper word. Jack is not a nice fellow.

  7. Jane Kennedy Sutton Says:

    Jack is quite the character. I’m hoping he doesn’t decide to visit me!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  8. Joan De La Haye Says:

    Yes, Jack loves his job!
    No, he’s not a nice guy, but he does have his moments.

  9. Rod Marsden Says:

    Interesting. reminds me of a conversation Dresden has with a demon in Book One of the Dresden Files. A good exercise for any writer.

  10. Cat Connor Says:

    I rather like Jack. Great interview!

  11. Charlotte Phillips Says:


    Do you feel like you just introduced Pat and the rest of us to an unspeakable evil?

  12. heidiwriter Says:

    Oooh, what a nasty guy!!

    Fun interview.

  13. Joan De La Haye Says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    I wouldn’t call Jack an unspeakable evil. He still has very human qualities and there is a softer side to him which comes out in his relationship with Sarah.

  14. PatriotAct Says:

    Your fascination with homicide and torture is very American.

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