Isiah, Protagonist of the Dark Fantasy Novels “RealmShift” and “MageSign” by Alan Baxter

Bertram: Who are you?

Isiah: My name is Isiah. I am the agent on earth of an entity called The Balance and my lot is something of a cursed existence. But I like to think that I make a difference.

Bertram: What is your story?

Isiah: My story is long and complicated and begins in the highlands of Scotland hundreds of years ago.

Bertram: What is your problem in the story?

Isiah: I have so many problems that it’s hard to know where to start. A scumbag murderer by the name of Samuel Harrigan is eluding me, and I really need him to do something for me. The Devil himself is after Samuel too, so Lucifer is a pain in my arse. Then again, maybe my biggest problem is that The Balance won’t let me go and have a normal life. But I probably wouldn’t know what to do with a normal life if I had one. So yeah, I’ve got a few problems but there’s no point moaning about it.

Bertram: Do you embrace conflict?

Isiah: I can’t really seem to avoid it, but I have to admit that I love a good fight.

Bertram: How do your friends see you? How do your enemies see you?

Isiah: My friends often become my enemies and my enemies have been known to become my friends. It’s a hard thing to keep track of in my line of work. I guess my one true friend is Gabriel, but he’s pretty busy a lot of the time. You know, god’s work and all that.

Bertram: Do you have a hero?

Isiah: My hero is the everyman that takes the time to stop and think for themselves. My heroes are the people that go quietly and productively through life without any adverse impact on their fellow man. They’re pretty few and far between, sadly.

Bertram: Do you have a goal?

Isiah: Harmony. Not too much to ask, is it?

Bertram: Do you talk about your achievements?

Isiah: I try not to. I’ve achieved a lot of things that I’m not really very proud of and I’ve achieved some things that are so monumental that no one would really believe me. Not to mention what a braggart or a bastard I might sound if I went on about them.

Bertram: Do you have any skills?

Isiah: I’ve had hundreds of years and spent a very long time training in all kinds of skills. I can manipulate matter and energy, I can affect peoples’ thoughts, I can fight like a demon. In fact, I often have fought against demons. So yeah, I’ve got skills, but I’ve had plenty of time to acquire them.

Bertram: Do you have money troubles?

Isiah: No. It’s easy to make some pretty shrewd investments when you have as long as I’ve had.

Bertram: What do you believe?

Isiah: Well, isn’t that just the big question? More importantly, what do you believe?

Bertram: Have you ever failed at anything?

Isiah: Many, many things. Hopefully my successes go some way to rectifying those failures.

Bertram: Are you honorable?

Isiah: I do my damndest to be, but the nature of my life often takes away that option.

Bertram: What was your childhood like?

Isiah: I don’t really remember. But I know it was hard.

Bertram: What in your past had the most profound effect on you?

Isiah: I guess that would be jumping off a cliff after Megan was killed.

Bertram: What is your most prized possession?

Isiah: My humanity. Because every day it seems to slip a bit further away.

Bertram: What is your favorite scent?

Isiah: Cherry blossoms in spring sunshine. One of the purest things in nature. I try to get to Japan every year to bask in that beauty if I can.

Bertram: What is your favorite color?

Isiah: Does anyone really have a favourite colour? I don’t.

Bertram: What is your favorite food?

Isiah: I don’t need to eat any more, but I do enjoy a really good steak.

Bertram: What is your favorite beverage?

Isiah: A nice cold beer. Nothing fancy, just a good honest beer.

Bertram: What is your favorite music?

Isiah: I like music with electric guitars. I was so glad when they appeared.

Bertram: What is your favorite item of clothing?

Isiah: I guess it would be my leather jacket. It’s been with me a long time now and feels a bit like an old friend.

Bertram: How do you envision your future?

Isiah: More of the same. I don’t see people changing any time soon.  You seem quite interested. If you want to know more about me, Alan Baxter tells my story in RealmShift and MageSign.

15 Responses to “Isiah, Protagonist of the Dark Fantasy Novels “RealmShift” and “MageSign” by Alan Baxter”

  1. alanbaxter Says:

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    Please spread the word about this special offer and hopefully lots of people will take advantage of getting two novels for just two bucks. Can’t say fairer than that.

    If anyone has any questions about any of this stuff, feel free to ask. I’ll check back here regularly. Thansk again, Pat!

  2. Pat Bertram Says:

    Alan, that’s such an interesting idea, to use a discount at Smashwords as a promotion for your tour. I’m impressed by how much thought you put into your tour. You must be exhausted!

    Thank you very much for including Pat Bertram Introduces . . . as a stop on your tour.

  3. alanbaxter Says:

    One of the many reasons that I’m such a fan of Smashwords is because you have the option to do things like this.

    The tour is going along quite well, so not too tiring. 🙂

  4. Laura Eno Says:

    Thanks to both Alan and Pat for this post! I like the concept of the character being interviewed.

  5. jalex Says:

    Isiah sounds like an interesting character — formidable and sensitive. Cherry blossoms in spring sunshine? Wonderful!

  6. xelene Says:

    Clever interview! Best of luck with your books, Alan!

  7. ~Sia McKye~ Says:

    “I can manipulate matter and energy, I can affect peoples’ thoughts, I can fight like a demon. In fact, I often have fought against demons. So yeah, I’ve got skills, but I’ve had plenty of time to acquire them.”

    Some interesting skills. I can see where these would make for some interesting story twists.

    I like the thought of cherry blossoms…

  8. Dragan Says:

    That’s cool, Isiah, about your favorite possession being your humanity. I guess it’s something we should all be more grateful for.

  9. mickeyhoffman Says:

    Any more about the Balance?

  10. alanbaxter Says:

    Hi guys – thanks to you all for the comments.

    Laura – I think he liked it too!

    Jalex, Sia – I can understand Isiah’s love of cherry blossoms; one of nature’s purest beauties.

    xelene – Thanks.

    Dragan – Isiah often struggles with his power and the way it removes him from his humanity a little more every time. I’m sure he’d tell you that when you’ve been around a few hundred years you start to learn what’s really important.

    If you want to read his stories, don’t forget to check the first comment for the special $1 offer on both of Isiah’s books. And be sure to let me know what you think of them if you do have a read.

  11. alanbaxter Says:

    mickey – sorry, I missed your comment before. Any more about the Balance? You mean, any more information about it or detail?

    Isiah always struggles with how amoral and impersonal the Balance is. Throughout the books he’s always clashing with the thing that made him what he is.

  12. dellanioakes Says:

    Excellent interview! I haven’t read your books yet, but I shall! Dellani

  13. alanbaxter Says:

    dellanioakes – that’s good to hear, thanks! Be sure to let me know what you think.

  14. Sheila Deeth Says:

    I’ve managed to miss the whole of the tour I guess. But two books for two bucks is a really neat deal, and the interview’s just fascinating…

    • alanbaxter Says:

      All the posts from the tour are still up at their respective websites. If you wanted to go back and catch up you can find all the links in my blog at – just scroll down and watch for the posts entitled “Blog book tour Day 1” through “Blog book tour Day 10”. You can read all the bits and pieces from the tour that way. And the $1 editions from Smashwords will be valid until midnight on Wednesday 29th July (US time) so I think there’s another 24 hours or so there.

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