Chad Avalon, Hero of “Dangerous Tango” by Jonz V. Stoneroad

What is your story?
The story is titled Dangerous Tango, a psychological thriller written by Jonz V. Stoneroad

Who are you?
The name’s Chad Avalon.

Where do you live?
I live in the 808 state known as Hawaii.

Are you the hero of your own story?
Yes, I am, ma’am.

What is your problem in the story?
My best friend, Alexandros Kristopheris died. They say he kinda killed himself but I don’t believe. My bud don’t play that game.

Do you have a problem that wasn’t mentioned in the story?
I cannot deal with my bud’s death. It kinda messed up my head a bit.

Do you embrace conflict?
Not if I can avoid it.

Do you run from conflict?
Yeah, sometimes.

How do you see yourself?
A really good friend but I have been burned a few times.

How do your friends see you?
A cool shark with the fins to ride!

How do your enemies see you?
They run away!

How does the author see you?
In his own lingo, something like problematic. His words, not mine.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
He knows me kinda well, I gotta say.

Do you have a goal?
I just want to get through this semester. There’s so much happening right now though. We’ll see.

What are your achievements?
I really wanna rock this band I’m in. They’re called Rattled Skeletons. Kinda funky name.

Do you talk about your achievements?
Not usually. My grandmother is like Chinese and stuff and she always taught me to be humbled and just do it. She knows her business.

Do you have any special weaknesses?
Yeah, my friends. I love em too much sometimes.

Do you have any skills?
Well, before the accident, I was an ace skateboarder with my friend, Randy Channing. We did some kicking maneuvers and stuff.

Do you have money troubles?
School is wiping me out and working at the Lava Café is helping a lot.

What do you want?
I really want my bud back but he’s gone now.

What do you want to be?
I wanna be the best rock star/skateboarding/artist I can.

What do you believe?
I believe everyone is like good but sometimes they just do stupid things (sighs).

What makes you happy?
My friends. One friend lately has been making me happy

What makes you angry?
People messin’ with my krue.

What is your biggest disappointment?
Getting into that accident with Randy. He got hurt really bad because of something stupid I did. I hate it. A lot.

What, if anything, haunts you?
Seeing Randy lying on the ground with blood on his face. It still messes with my head.

Has anyone ever failed you?
My parents. They’re always busy all the time. I know they’re keeping something from me but I can’t find out what it is. Guess I am lucky my grandmother was there. She keeps me in check.

Are you honorable?
I think so. I just do what my grandmother taught me to do what’s right. I don’t want to bring shame to my grandparents. My grandpa is the main man at the school, you know (Chancellor of Leahi University).

Do you have any handicaps?
Well, when I hit my face on the sidewalk, the doctor said I might have some permanent damages. Sometimes I act goofy or awkward but I’m not. Wish I could change that but grandmother says don’t.

What was your childhood like?
I had good fun at my grandparents place. They took care of me and I was at their house all the time. My friends say they were like wealthy rich and lived in this big house on the hill but yeah, that was my favorite place to go. Grandmother would make me the best Chinese food. Grandpa was good too. He used to tell me stories about working at the pineapple cannery. I like them.

What in your past had the most profound effect on you?
My grandparents. They were always around. My grandmother never once said anything bad to me. Grandpa told me I can do better and showed me how.

Who was your first love?
I don’t know since Amy (Diamond) is my only girlfriend. She kinda has some problems so not sure how this is gonna work with her. I cannot be dealing with her issues and have my own, you know?

Who is your true love?
Promise to keep a secret? I am likin’someone else who kinda understands me. Amy doesn’t get it; but he does. Yeah.

Have you ever had an adventure?
Yeah, on a class trip we went hiking. Me, Alex, and Randy up some trails. It was chill with the wind and the trip up the mountains. We weren’t even scared when we heard the wild puaa (Hawaiian pigs).

Is there anything else about your background you’d like to discuss?
Why does everything close to me seem to leave? My dog, Kahaka got real sick and died. My parents might as well be dead since they’re always so busy working. And now my bud, Alexandros. He’s gone now. And Randy almost died from the skateboarding accident.

What is your most closely guarded secret?
I might be bi (bisexual). I don’t know yet.

What is your most prized possession?
My red necktie. My grandpa gave it to me; he said he knows I’m going to be successful like him one day. I think he gave that to me to keep me focused.

What is your favorite food?
Chinese food. My grandmother makes some mean sweet sour chicken. And her char siu bao is fun too!

What is your favorite music? Why?
I love my Ska skater punk. I like it because you can say what you want in it and it still sounds cool to rock. I like the instruments too like the trumpet thing and something drums and sax. Killer rocks the jam!

What are the last three books you read?
The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, and Much ado About Nothing in Dr. Jenny Takahashi’s English Lit. class. The books were fun to read and cool. She rocks!

If you were at a store now, what ten items would be in your shopping cart?
Kona coffee, white rice, egg rolls, bananas, and a healthy energy bar maybe two.

If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you rather be stranded with, a man or a woman?
Hmm, that’s a good one. I’m gonna have to go with the first since my gf is a pain and the last thing I want is being lost with her. Yeah, it would be with my new bud, JZ.

How do you envision your future?
Hopefully getting through this semester without losing my mind. We’ll see.

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  1. Eileen Schuh Says:

    Sounds intriguing….

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