Michael Lorde, Author of “Blind Veil”

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Author Michael Lorde was born and raised in upstate New York, has lived in the open country of Tennessee, near the beach in Virginia, in the mountains of West Virginia, and currently lives in Snowy Michigan. Michael has written books since the age of ten. Traveling, and the outdoors are both passions of this author who has been to 39 states, and to many U.S. National Parks.

After making a decision to publish Blind Veil, Michael has three additional books which are scheduled for release in 2012, including the sequel to this debut Psychological Thriller.

“I love the absurdities… the oddities in a book, no matter the genre. I don’t read books to find ‘normal’ or ‘usual’ or ‘boring’. I want to be taken somewhere I can’t otherwise go. That’s why I read… for those twists and turns and things that make me say ‘augh’. If an author can do that, they’ve got me.”

“My children and pets, Landscaping, the outdoors, painting and woodworking are some of what inspires me. Every day is a gift and I think it’s important to think in the joy of the moment as often as you can. I don’t want to be sitting in a porch chair at eighty, remembering a whole lot of regrets, so I work at appreciating my time while I’m here. I’m the type of person who needs to stay busy. Whether it’s writing words on a page, or making a fountain head for a pond, I like to create things.”

Today, Michael discusses Blind Veil.

What is the main premise of this book?

Blind Veil is a Psychological Thriller that will ‘mount the reader on the dashboard for the ride’. There is nothing backseat about diving into the mind of the main character, who is a New York City cop. Highly respected Officer Simms’ purchase of a new boat, carries him into a nightmare from nearly the moment it leaves the harbor on his first trip out. Once out on the water, everything in his life changes in an instant. After being drugged with an unknown substance by a so called ‘doctor’, he slowly begins to hallucinate; but are these visions real? When the medical community finds no evidence of chemicals in his bloodstream, and no signs of any other health condition, Simms must look for his own answers. He remembers the seemingly crazy deathbed rants of his uncle and begins to question his own sanity. Does mental illness run in the family, or does this ‘truth’ the doctor threatened to show him, actually exist. This is a conspiracy story and police procedural all wrapped into a tight little suspense thriller with science fiction elements to boot. You’ve never read a book like this. I classify it as a psychological thriller because you are living in the characters mind for much of this book, but it’s hard to classify the plot into a single genre. I’ve had readers tell me, “I’m so surprised. I almost didn’t buy it because it’s not the genre I normally read, but I loved it”. I’ve also heard, “This is really different than what shows on the Amazon teaser pages. If you could show the other pages, people would know what’s inside,” And they’re right, if you read the reviews, you’ll hear that same thing because the set up, is not the plot. If you like exciting stories give it a go. It’s 99 cents today, so what have you got to lose? In any case, I hope you read the reviews and decide for yourself. I’d love to have you along for the ride, and there’s plenty of room up front. I drive a truck.

Who’s your favorite character in it?

Definitely Simms. He thinks quite a bit like me. I’m pretty brutal in my characters situations, so I empathize with him, which of course makes me like him even more.

But… then again, Byron Chelvski is a really great choice too. I like him because he’s quirky as all get out, and I do enjoy quirky characters, no matter what actions they might take.

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

I write at home sometimes, but mostly at my office. Its easier to do the actual ‘writing’ at the office, so I’m not distracted by my dogs, who think they’re my kids. But with editing it’s different. I can do that at home, since there’s not the same level of creativity involved. Also, it’s not my favorite thing to do, so I like distraction from it sometimes. As far as the writing itself, I write wherever I am, and with whatever means possible. I’ve been known to sit in my parked car waiting for my daughter while I peck away at my laptop, or write half a chapter in tiny illegible letters using a pencil that keeps ripping the paper napkin ( try deciphering that one when you get back home). It just doesn’t matter what you use to write with. When the words are screaming to come out, you will find a way to pen them down. I’m pretty sure that the shyest author in the world would think nothing of borrowing a pen from anyone, anywhere.

When reading, do you prefer eBook or paperback?

While eBooks are great, I will always prefer paperbacks… the feel, the smell, the crisp clean pages. There is nothing like holding a new book in my hand. When I open a paper book, it feels like I’ve just stepped through time and reading it keeps me there. EBooks captivate my attention too and I love reading in any format, but eBook reading just doesn’t affect me the same as a good old fashioned book ( do you think there’s a correlation between this, and that fact that as a kid I was read paperback books daily?)

What’s your favorite gadget?

I took my daughter to see the statue of liberty a couple of years ago and spent ten bucks on a pen. It writes really nice.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the sequel to Blind Veil which is due out around Christmas. I have a fantasy YA which is in edits and a children’s book called Canon Balls for Girls, that’s due for release in June. This children’s book is an anti-bullying book and I’m pretty excited to have it coming out. I have four kids of my own; two sons and two daughters, and I know what goes on in the schools as early as elementary. Anyone over thirty doesn’t understand how much the digital age has changed the game of bullying. Winning a fist fight at school is not going to stop the kid anymore, and with the number of increasing teen suicides because of it, this project is really important to me. If I can change just one kid’s mindset, I’ll feel really good about it. Cannon Balls for girls is written for an elementary school level reader.

Who designed this cover?

A graphic designer and beta reader for Blind Veil. She stepped outside of her normal workload and agreed to design the cover for me. She is truly gifted. Thanks Christine Smith!

If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?

Budha, Jesus, and the Pope. Being a pretty spiritual person, I have A LOT of questions, and yes, a warped sense of humor as well.

So do you like to cook?

I love to cook, and love to pass the hot mitts to anyone else who does as well. Having been a single parent to four kids, I can easily sit back and let someone else handle the stove, but yes, I enjoy cooking alone, or beside someone, and can cook just about anything.

Do you have pets?

My daughter and I have two dogs you could almost fit in your pocket. One is a Shih tzu

Named Chi-chi who wholeheartedly believes she is human. If she is not the reincarnate of a person into an animal, then no such thing exists. Never in my life have I seen a dog with more attitude. She struts around the house like a teenager at the peak of hormonal imbalance, demands ‘people food’ at each meal (which she rarely gets), complains with a voice that almost sounds human, and barks out orders like a drill sergeant in boot camp. She fully believes she is the alpha male of the entire household, no matter how much I laugh at her and telling her she isn’t. She drives me absolutely nuts… and still I love her to pieces. Though it took me over a year to warm up to her ‘attitude’ when we got her years ago ( she was my eldest daughters dog), for some reason she picked me as ‘her person’, and listens to few others. We are now inseparable. She’s a trip, but a real sweetheart and she keeps me on my toes.

Our second dog is a miniature dachshund named Angel. She’s still a baby at almost two years old and has eyes that would melt the heart of a crocodile. She doesn’t have to ‘insist’, in order to get anything she wants from my ten year old daughter. She’s softhearted dog and precious until someone is around her people, and then she’s fierce (yeah, right).

Our dogs have barking contests with one another to prove who is the most loyal and best protector when someone comes to the door. They have actually gotten into arguments from time to time, and then the barking beast turn from the door to one another, and the challenge is on. They will continue barking for a deafening minute to each other. In the two years that we’ve had Angel, the two dogs have actually had a nipping brawl twice, when the loser of the barking contest gets too upset to hold it in and lashes out at the other. Thankfully they have not hurt one another, or I would have to make serious changes, but it’s ridiculous. Needless to say, our mailman does not knock on our door anymore and our friends call before pulling into the drive, to alert us that they will soon be at the door. And through it all, our puppies keep us laughing! We are dog lovers all the way.

What’s your bucket vacation?

If we could bring the dogs- a six month cruise to include stopping points in Australia, Japan, Thailand, and we’d dock the ship in India so I could stay in Goa for a month. They can pick us up the way back. That trip would be perfect.

If you were to attend a St. Patrick’s Day Party, which one thing would you never leave behind and why?

Luck –O the Irish. Everyone needs a little luck from time to time.

Where can your readers stalk you?

Barnes and Nobles
Twitter @BlindVeil
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/michaellordeauthor


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