Jake Warnick, a character in “Silver Moon” by Jetta Stone

Who are you and what is your story?

My name is Jake Warnick. I’m a career law enforcement officer and a cowboy at heart. I’m married to the lead character in the novel “Silver Moon” by Jetta Stone. People have described me in several ways: A Rebel, a bad boy, or just plain wild man. I don’t think that I’m any of those things. I’ve never broken any law, actually, I’ve spent 25+ years upholding the law. Okay, if I had to pick one, I might agree that I’m a rebel of sorts for I do tend to create my own set of rules for circumstances. I’m edging my way toward the big 50 soon! Age has never bothered me before, but the last couple of years have brought it all home that my life, in general, needs an overhaul and I’m strongly considering a career change – out of necessity.

Are you the hero of your own story?

Hum! Well, that depends on someone’s view of what a hero is. What is a hero? Is he someone, larger than life, that comes in like Superman to save the day? Superman was not a real person by the way. Real people have flaws – even heroes. It’s my understanding that most people believe that real life heroes are really good at what they do. They exceed everyone’s expectations. They are fearless, trustworthy, courageous, and stand by their values. They are independent, determined, and self-sufficient. They stand up for the weak and in front of the bully. In that case, I could be thought of as a hero. I don’t match “all” of the above mentioned qualities, I have my faults, but I do possess several of these qualities. However, I am not the hero who comes in and saves the day in “Silver Moon”.

Do you embrace conflict?

Depends on what you’re calling “conflict”. If it’s a fight, I don’t start them; however, if confronted, I finish them. If it’s a disagreement, I don’t like arguing, I distant myself from that. I don’t like bickering, I run like hell from emotional confrontations. However, if you’re talking about “challenge”, then yes, I embrace conflict. I live for the challenge; it’s in my blood. Jessie says you can smell the testosterone in my sweat. I run on adrenaline 24/7. Give me a bad guy to chase down or a gnarly bull to rope, I’m on it. I guess there’s a difference in emotional conflict and physical conflict; the latter I’m comfortable with.

How do your friends see you?

Well, this would be kind of hard to answer, but I’ll try. I’m very loyal to my friends. If they’ve got needs, I’m there to help. There have been times that Jessie has accused me of putting my friends before family. She says I need a lesson in priorities. She’s probably right. I guess I see family as an intricate web with many needs of emotions and responsibility. My male friends’ needs are simple; if they are injured, I pick up their work; if they need a loan, I share my last dime; we’re a brotherhood. Anyway you want to square it, my loyalty to my friends is solid. I help them and I keep their secrets, but then, my true friends also keep mine. That’s what we boys do; we cover each other’s butts. I’m also fair. If you’re young and not a career thug, I’ll try to help you get past your one mistake and get on the straight and narrow path. If you’re a career thug, I do what I can to catch your butt and throw it behind bars where you won’t be taking advantage of innocent people.

How do your enemies see you?

Well, they respect me. That may sound odd but it’s true. They know that I’m fair. However, I believe my enemies also take me seriously because they know that I’m fearless and never back down from a challenge or a fight; and, I usually win. The rare occasion that I might lose, the attack came unexpectedly and from behind.

Do you have any major problems in the story?

Yeah, I sure do! My whole life seems to be unraveling. After 25+ years on the police beat, I’m feeling a need for a change of career. Being a lawman runs full course through my blood. Everyone says I’m a natural at it. I must admit that the job comes easy for me; however, the rules are changing. Lawyers and book educated rookies are mudding up the waters of what real police work should be, which is to protect the innocent and put the bad guys behind bars. These days, because of unethical lawyers after fame or the almighty dollar, the crooks have more rights than the victims; and the lawyers can’t wait to get us cops in court and on the stand to be crucified. Some rookie book educated street dumb pantywaist is now my supervisor and loves making my life hell. So, although I’ve always loved my job, I’m on the way out if I can make this Rodeo Business a success. But, that’s not the most significant problem I have. I’m losing the most important person in my life. She’s the love of my life. She is part of my very soul. She keeps me alive. She is Jessica Warnick, my wife. I admit, I’ve put her through hell with my rebel ways. I’ve been irresponsible and guilty of indiscretions which are unforgivable, that I know. The truth is that I do try to reign my wild side in. I don’t want to lose my wife. Jess and I are like oil and vinegar, which makes life together very difficult. Those differences drew us together, but trying to live in the mix has been hard on both of us. She’s stronger willed than I am. Things get impossible at home, I fall prey to some sweet thing’s offer to comfort me. It’s a weakness, not a desire, if you can bring yourself to understand that fact.

Do you have any skills?

Everyone says I’m good at everything. Success in anything that I do, physically, comes easily. When it comes to emotional involvement, I have difficulty opening up my inner being to either give or receive.

What do you want or need?

That answer is simple. I want “change”. I need a change of career and I need money. Police pay is barely enough to exist on and I’m tired of just existing. I need money to forge a second chance with Jessie. Life needs to get better for us. We’ve got a lot of problems, but money is the root cause of a lot of those problems. Hopefully, this Rodeo Business will make us enough money for a new start together. I’m gonna give it all I’ve got!

What are you afraid of?

That’s simple. I’m waking up fast to this fact; if I don’t finally tame the demons of my spirit, I’m gonna lose the most important person in my life. Jess doesn’t realize that I do try. As I said earlier, it is a weakness, not a desire. To be such a tough guy, I hate to admit that I’m flawed by weakness.

Who was your first love? Who is your true love?

My first love was a teenage fling which I eventually got over as I matured. But, my true love has always been Jessie. This relationship has been toxic to both of us. There is something in our souls that keeps us together but our behaviors have nearly destroyed us. Her world of black and white collides with my world of gray. She’s tight reigned, I’m free spirited. The very thing that drew us together tears us apart. It’s that missing piece we saw in each other that was missing from our own personality – she needed courage; I needed structure. If she could lighten up and take life easier, I truly believe I could give her what she needs from me.

Was there a major turning point in your life?

The major turning point in my life was when I had no more chances left to change my ways. I had received my last pass for bad behavior. Jessie was planning to leave me. Change of behavior was no longer a choice – it was a certainty.

What is your most prized possession?

My most prized possession is that of any cowboy – a good horse!

What is your favorite scent?

The scent of Jessie. I love to smell her skin when she steps out of the shower. I also love the fragrance she wears. It’s sweet with a strong hint of cinnamon. Jess says the fragrance is called “Spellbound”. The makers got that right. It puts a spell on me! Or maybe, it’s just Jessie that does that.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is brilliant green. It’s the color of Jessie’s eyes.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Steak – Black Angus. Just knock the horns off and put the carcass on my plate! My favorite beverage is pure water. When you’re breaking a sweat nothing quenches a thirst like water.

What is your favorite clothing?

That’s easy to answer. A good pair of Wrangler jeans, a sturdy pair of Justin Ropers, and a good 20x Stetson hat – not the cheap kind drug store cowboys wear.

What is your favorite music?

I’m not that much into music, but if I had to choose one it would be that slow twang of Country. The sounds that are music to my ears are the wind blowing through the trees. The water rushing over rocks and falls. The sound of hooves beating hard and fast across the range, and last but most loved is the sweet sound of Jessie’s voice – it’s music to my ears – except when she’s bitching – then it’s hell! Ha.

What are the last three books you read?

Man, I don’t read about other people doing things! I’m too busy doing them myself! Somebody needs to write a book about me! Oh, I think they did – it’s called “Silver Moon”.

What has been the biggest thrill of your life?

I’m a dare devil. Bottom line is that I live my life on the edge and full of adventure. But no adventure has been as thrilling as holding Jessie in my arms. She still warms my blood and makes my heart beat faster than a bullet. For that moment in time, when all our differences and problems are in the shadows, and it’s just our bodies and souls embraced in passion, life can’t get any better.

Are you Lucky?

Some people think I’m just plain lucky! I don’t know if I’m lucky or not. I’m lucky enough to have lived my dreams. I always wanted to be a cop – I’m a cop. I always wanted to be a real cowboy – I’m a real cowboy. Jessie has always thought that I lived my rebel lifestyle without consequences. Not true! It’s a given that there are consequences to every action. The difference between me and Jess is that I don’t let the consequences get under my skin or hold me back. I just live life barreling over the top of them!

Are You a Romantic?

Awh, come on! There you go asking those emotional questions again. I don’t really know what Romance is supposed to mean. As far as I’m concerned, we guys just do what we do! If you have to read about it in a book or plan it – it’s not spontaneous or real. Do women like “planned” romance or the spontaneity of flirting, teasing and playing. If flirting, teasing and playing are romantic, then I’m a romantic.

Where can we find out more about you?

To learn more about me and the other characters in Silver Moon just drop by Amazon.com and pick up a copy of the book. Happy Trails!


2 Responses to “Jake Warnick, a character in “Silver Moon” by Jetta Stone”

  1. Brenda Tyler Says:

    Jetta I ready enjoyed the interview with Jake, I called my sister and told her to bring me the book. If she doesn’t I will go buy it. It sounds as if I’m going to have trouble putting it down because, the character Jake sounds alot like a wonderful boss I used to have.

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