Stacy-Deanne, Author of “The Season of Sin”

What is your book about?

The Season of Sin is the second installment in my new series and here is what the book is about:

Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris and her partner and ex-lover Steven Kemp are back. This time they are thrown head first into a gruesome homicide that brings forth as many secrets as it does clues.

Brianna’s psychiatrist, Dr. Nadia Hollister is stabbed to death in her upstairs bathroom. Brianna, who is at Nadia’s while the murder happens, is the only witness. Unfortunately she was knocked unconscious by the killer and only has the memory of the killer’s scent to go on.

Brianna and Steven sign on to help Homicide Detective Jayce Matthews solve the case. With Nadia’s journals as her guide, Bree learns that Nadia was keeping a devastating secret that has something to do with her adopted daughter. The renowned doctor was not whom she seemed to be and her secret may not have only got her killed but could ruin the foundation of her entire family.

The police hunt for suspects but Nadia’s secret could wreck the lives of many, all who have motive to kill her.

The deeper Brianna and Steven dig into Nadia’s past; the more they question whether Nadia was the true victim after all.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I began the series because I fell in love with Bree and Steven when they debuted in my ’08 novel Melody. Even after the story ended there was so much more I wanted to do with these characters so I decided to give them their own series.

What is your goal for the book, ie: what do you want people to take with them after they finish reading the story?

Well I hope to impress readers and encourage them to check out my work in the future. Other than that my goal is to entertain. I write to help readers escape their everyday lives. I write to bring peace to people and bring excitement. I think most authors write because of that.

What has changed for you personally since you wrote your first book?

I’m way more confident in myself. It’s hard to stay confident before you’re published. You get rejected constantly so you can never be sure if you’re on the right track. All I know is I worked hard before publication to become the best writer I could and I continue to improve and grow. So I definitely see myself as a stronger writer and person thanks to all the things I’ve experienced since my first book.

Do you have a favorite snack food or favorite beverage that you enjoy while you write?

Well it was buttered pecan ice cream and sometimes Fritos until I gave up that junk. Now it’s green grapes, salad and anything healthy. But I do miss my Fritos sometimes. LOL!

Have you ever had difficulty “killing off” a character in your story because she or he was so intriguing and full of possibility for you, his or her creator?

I struggle with this all the time but I remember that it’s important to do what’s best for the story. We all get attached to characters but characters are expendable if it means bringing the story to where it needs to be. I’m okay with it. The sacrifice is worth it if it makes the story better.

Do you have mental list or a computer file or a spiral notebook with the ideas for or outlines of stories that you have not written but intend to one day?

I have tons of notebooks and folders stuffed in drawers from 1997! I claimed for years that I’d go back and write those stories but those notebooks are still in my bedroom drawers covered in dust. LOL! I realize now I have no intentions of revisiting those ideas because it’s been over a decade and if I was going to write those stories, I would’ve. So it’s time for me to bite the bullet and throw all that junk away.

What writer influenced you the most?

I’d have to say Edgar Allan Poe overall but Oscar Wilde as well. The Picture of Dorian Gray is probably one of the most brilliant stories I’ve ever known and it piqued my interest when it came to the development of suspense.

What advice would you give other novelists about book promotion?

First off know your audience and focus on what fits you individually. Every book is different and not every mode of promo fits every book. Your genre also determines your best mode of promotion. Also you have to remember the type of person you are. If you’re shy or uncomfortable about certain things then stick to promo for your comfort zone. I suggest all authors take advantage of free online promotion before spending tons of money on anything. Online promotion is worth its weight in gold.

Do your characters ever take on a life of their own?

Definitely and this is the most interesting part of writing a book to me.

Who designed your cover?

Peace in the Storm Publishing

Where can people learn more about your books?

People can learn more from my website:
They can also join me on Facebook and Twitter
Also check out The Season of Sin available in paperback and ebook. On Kindle and Nook for $4.99
Add The Season of Sin to your shelf on Goodreads:
Link to book cover:

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