Kora, Hero of “Persephone” by Kaitlin Bevis

Who are you?

My names Kora. Well, it’s actually Persephone, Kora is my middle name, but I go by Kora. My first name is weird, and no one knows how to pronounce it right (think Her-Stephanie).

Anyway, I’m sixteen and I’m a junior in high school. I work at my mom’s flower shop, and a week ago, I would have said that was it. That there was nothing interesting about me. But then things started getting weird…

Where do you live?

Athens, Georgia. If you’ve heard of it, you must like UGA, or more specifically the football team. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. You’re not missing much.

What is the problem in your story?

Where to start? Well… I’m being stalked by a season. Or the god of a season, Boreas the god of winter is apparently a psychopath…. backtracking

I’m a goddess. Yeah, it’s news to me too. My mom told me after this crazy guy Pirithous tried to kidnap me. I think he was working for Boreas. Then Boreas almost got me, but then Hades, another god, dragged me to the Underworld. It’s pretty much the only safe place so I’m stuck here all winter, or at least until my mom can deal with Boreas.

Oh and by the way, to be able to enter the Underworld and not be, like, dead, Hades had to marry me. Don’t freak out, it’s not like married married, it’s more of a title? Or a job? I mean we’re not… together, or anything. Not that it would be bad to be, erm, right, problems. It’s not a short list.

If you had the power to change one thing in the world that didn’t affect you personally, what would it be?

Funny you should ask that, because I do. Have that power, I mean. I want to end world hunger, and stop death, and make sure everyone lives happily ever after… but my mom and Hades say it’s more complicated than just fixing people. I’m sure they’re right, but it seems so wrong. There are people, gods, whatever, with the power to set everything in the whole world right. How could they have let things get this bad? Do they just not care?

What is your favorite music?

OMG, you even have to ask? Orpheus! He’s like a rock god. Well, not a god god, not like… me. Sorry, I’m still getting used to this. He’s… amazing. And he’s really hot, and everything he sings is like perfect. I met him once at a concert. It was awesome.

Was there a major turning point in your life?

Getting attacked by ice and snow then being dragged down to the Underworld/married was a pretty big turning point. So was finding out I’m a goddess. I’m done with turning points. I’ve had enough change now, I just want to get back to my normal life.

Are you lucky?

Am I a horrible person if I say no? I know people would kill to find out they’re special, that they have powers, immortality, goddess stuff, and all that. But so far it hasn’t been a good thing. I was happy before, and now people keep coming after me. I can’t control my powers, and I have to stay down here away from my family and friends. Boreas may come after people I love to draw me out, and Hades… is complicated. There is so much that I am lucky for, if it wasn’t for him….

But I don’t feel lucky. I don’t feel powerful or special or anything extraordinary. I feel powerless, and alone, and terrified. Is this what my whole life is going to be like? And if so, is it a good thing that it’s going to last forever?

Do you keep your promises?

I have to. Gods can’t lie. It doesn’t mean we’re honest though. My mom managed to keep me in the dark about what I am my entire life. You can’t trust them. They twist words so much that it’s almost worse than lying.

Did you get along with your parents?

I’ve never met my dad. He’s Zeus apparently. It’s funny, I always dreamed I’d find out my dad was someone famous and amazing, or at least really cool, like a spy or something? Like… maybe there was some big secret reason he’d never met me, and it was worth it somehow.

Now I know he’s pretty much the god of having sex with everything that moves. And he’s been dead for centuries… don’t even ask me how that works. It’s complicated.

And my mom… My mom who I trusted more than anyone in the entire world… I don’t know if we’re ever going to be okay again. I mean, I get that she was trying to protect me, but how can you trust someone that’s been deceiving you your entire life?

How do you envision your future?

At this point, I’ll just be happy to have one.

Where can we learn more about you?


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