Viktor Brandewyne, Main Character of the Waves of Darkness series by Tamara A. Lowery

528742_357809830922603_683430238_nHi, Pat and thank you for providing this platform. After much fuss and cajoling, I convinced the main character from my Waves of Darkness series, Viktor Brandewyne, to do an interview for you. —Tamara A. Lowery


Hello, Pat. Allow me to introduce myself: Captain Viktor Brandewyne, at your service. Perhaps you have heard of me. No? I am more commonly known as Bloody Vik Brandee by those who ply the seaways and am a pirate by trade.

Please to meet you, Captain. What is your story?

My story begins in Blood Curse, the first book in the Waves of Darkness series by Tamara A. Lowery, and is continued in Demon Bayou.

In 1771, at a time when piracy had nealry been purged from the Atlantic and the Caribbean, I was one of the most feared pirates in those waters. Naturally, that did not sit well with the Royal Navy. They shot my ship to shivers and chased me into a hurricane.

The lads, what were left of them, and I made it to a small port on the north shore of Hispañola. Whilst we shopped for a new ship, I killed a local lad in a disagreement over a tavern wench. The fool was in love with her and got drunk enough to insult me in public.

How was I to know he was a favorite of the witch, Juma? She sent zombies to fetch me the next night, and she cursed me to become a living vampire.

Where do you live? I live aboard my ship, but I hail from Savannah, in the thirteenth colony, Georgia.

Are you the hero of your own story?

Aye, although there are those who would object to the word “hero” being applied to me. (smiles wickedly) I am not a nice person.

Do you embrace conflict?

I am a pirate, pet. It would be hard to avoid conflict. I do strive to always be victorious, with varying degrees of success, however.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

Aye, a little too accurately, sometimes. Tamara has entirely too ken of an eye into my psyche. She shows almost all the aspects of my personality without bias of judgement and doesn’t shy away from my darkness or my weaknesses. Only a few times have I had to remind her of my character and “voice.”

I would demand more loyalty of her, but she enjoys immunity to my power and influence. The willful wench insists on keeping a full-time job to “pay the bills” and divides her writing time between my story and another series she is developing. She posts updates on .

While she is not as devoted to my story as I would wish, she is a diligent scrivener. Blood Curse and Demon Bayou, the first two volumes, are available as ebooks from Gypsy Shadow Publishing and can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other purveyors of fine ebooks. They can also be found in .pdf form at and .

Silent Fathoms, the third volume, is being prepared for submission to the publisher after New Year, volume four is in its first draft, and she is drafting volume five now, with two more after that to round out the series.

Do you have a goal?

Aye, my curse will eventually destroy me unless I can find the Sisters of Power and earn a portion of theri magic from them. it is not an easy task. They make themselves difficult to find, try to trick, trap or destroy me, and delight in setting seemingly impossible tasks as the price for their help. I have learned that anything dealing with the Sisters that seems easy is usually false dealing.

There are seven of them, eight if you count my foster mother Celie.

Do you have any special strengths?

Besides my ability to ruin a woman for any other man? (chuckles) Yes, I do. I am no ordinary vampire. I never died, nor was I bitten. I have all the abilities of a vampire but none of the weaknesses… save for the Hunger and one other that even most vampires do not know of, which I will not name here.

Do you have any special weaknesses?

(smiles and waggles a finger) Yes, but I would be a fool to name that, pet. I was 32 when I became a vampire. That is old for a pirate; most of us never live past our mid-twneties. The rigors of shipboard life and any number of tropical diseases, not to mention the pirate hunters, tend to take their toll. I did not survive so long by revealing weaknesses.

What, if anything, haunts you?

(solemnly stares off into the distance for a few moments before reponding) You tread dangerous waters with the question, but I will answer: the death of my former first mate, Jim Rigger, by my hand. He had been my first mate since we were lads and I took my first command at age 17. Jim was like a younger brother and one of the few men I ever trusted enough to call friend.

He was my second blood meal.

Has anyone ever betrayed you?

None that still draw breath.

Do you keep your promises?

Aye. I keep my promises, and I repay my debts.

Do you have any distinguishing marks?

I’ve been told that my eyes are a striking shade of emerald green. Mother Celie says my glossy black hair and bronze complexion come from my mother’s people. I stand 6’3″, which is tall for a man of my era. However, a couple of my crewmen are taller than I. Thanks to my father’s heritage, I can and do maintain a beard and mustache. I prefer a neatly trimmed goatee.

Have you ever had an adventure?

I plunder and pillage at will. I bed any wench that striked my fancy. I brave raging hurricanes, the Royal Navy, and other pirates. I keep company with a man-eating siren and a shape-shifting cat. I seek seven very powerful witches. I Blood Curse, I face carnivorous plants and hunt mermaids. In Demon Bayou, i encounter smugglers and other vampires, and I battle an ancient demon.

Have I ever had an adventure? (strokes beard thoughtfully) No, nothing spectacular comes to mind.

What is you favorite food/beverage?

I am partial to a 30/70 blend of brandy and blood. The brandy gives the blood an interesting flavor and keeps it from clotting during long voyages. My favorite would have to be fresh human blood, however. (eyes start to glow with an emerald fire… smiles wide enough to reveal fangs) Oh, and I am always Hungry, pet.

Then let’s call this interview to a halt. Thank you for talking with me.

3 Responses to “Viktor Brandewyne, Main Character of the Waves of Darkness series by Tamara A. Lowery”

  1. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Plunder and pillage and nothing spectacular–sounds a fun character!

  2. chalaedra Says:

    Nice post, Vic and Tamara! Entertaining and thoughtful. Thanks for coming out to play!

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