Harry Margulies, Author Of The Knowledge Holder

TKHFrontsmallWhat inspired you to write The Knowledge Holder?

I’d been itching to write a full-length novel for many years. When I finally found the time to get serious about writing, I chose a subject that has continually piqued my interest – the afterlife. As I tend a bit towards gallows humor anyway, the storyline came together for me and I found the process of writing, re-writing, and editing – over and over – rather enjoyable.

What is The Knowledge Holder about?

An everyman sort realizes he’s the only one on earth who knows what happens to people after they die.

How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in the book?

The protagonist, Greg Simon, does share my old career as a swimming pool salesman, and lives in the Phoenix area, as I do. Fortunately for him, he’s not only younger than me, but much more handsome. Also, he has two daughters enrolled at the University of Arizona, as I did. Here’s one difference between Greg and I: I’m not really giving anything away here, but Greg’s wife, Jane, dies before the book begins in a horrible accident. My wife, Joann, is quite alive. I’ve tried explaining to her that The Knowledge Holder is not autobiographical, but for some reason the Jane thing kind of irritates her.

Do you have a favorite character from the book?

They’re not all endearing I suppose, but I love them all. They each have their own agendas, some hidden, some not, which I think makes them interesting. If I had to choose, I guess I’d say Bart Josey, a 94-year-old rustic sort of guy who’s a bit unrefined and somewhat naïve. Other than the discrepancy in age, we’ve got a lot in common.

What challenges did you face as you wrote this book?

Aside from the fact that I’m not the speediest writer, I’d say my biggest challenge was having three cats disrupt my focus every five minutes. You’d think kitties would be more interested in naptime than play time, but not mine.

Is there a message in your writing you want readers to grasp?

Yes! Every day is significant; even the ones that suck. Make the most of them, enjoy them, and look forward to the next one. Oh, and above all, enjoy the read!

Where can we go to learn more about The Knowledge Holder?

My website http://hmargulies.com/ has plenty of interesting stuff about the book as well as some not as interesting stuff about me. You can also find me on Facebook, and if you Like my page, I will be eternally grateful. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Harry-Margulies/451978504928208?ws&nr

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