Interview With Lindsay Luterman, Author of “Mercy’s Sunset”

Mercy's SunsetWhat is your book about?

Mercy’s Sunset is about the afterlife of Jane Doe, a soul who has lived three lives. Now, she must choose which life effected her the most, and who she wants to be in the afterlife.

How long had the idea of your book been developing before you began to write the story?

I believe the story had been developing in my head for about a year or so before I finally sat down and started writing it.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

It was an image in my head: a girl running in the rain. I was in the passenger seat in a car when the image came to me. My mind was wandering. The girl in the rain seemed to have so much depth to her, ore than one lifetime to tell about. I started rolling with that.

How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in the book?

Each of Jane Doe’s lives hold a different piece of me: Olivia’s stubbornness, Alex’s quirkiness, and Mia’s nervousness and star sign.

Tell us a little about your main characters. Who was your favorite? Why?

While I really enjoyed creating Jane Doe, I think I will have to say Thyme. She guided Jane Doe through revisiting her lives, and as the story unrolled, she gained a lot of depth to her character. Thyme was very fun to write and explore.

Why will readers relate to your characters?

Each of Jane Doe’s lives holds a girl who has a very distinct character trait that is easy to relate to. Each girl is rebellious and lively, constantly searching for love while learning to embrace themselves.

How long did it take you to write your book?

I wrote this book while working on other projects, so I worked with it on and off for about two years before it finally all came together.

How much of a story do you have in mind before you start writing it?

I had most of the story in mind, and each end of Jane Doe’s lives, before I even started writing it. However, the story always changes at least a little bit once my fingers hit the keyboard.

Did you do any research for the book? If so, how did you do it? (searching Internet, magazines, other books, etc.)

I researched images of what the characters might look like. Finding pictures that were similar to the characters’ descriptions allowed me to create their story in so much more depth.

Is there a message in your writing you want readers to grasp?

Yes: life is so short! We often worry about all the little things when we have what is truly important right in front of us.

What words would you like to leave the world when you are gone?

Follow your dreams! While it may be cliché, this message it what I have embraced my entire life. Don’t ever let anybody tell you what you are capable of because you can do anything you set your mind and heart to!

Where can we learn more about Mercy’s Sunset?

From Second Wind Publishing:!lindsey-luterman/cwpl

One Response to “Interview With Lindsay Luterman, Author of “Mercy’s Sunset””

  1. Malcolm R. Campbell Says:

    I always enjoy reading your interviews, Pat, and learning about new authors as well. Novels touching on reincarnation frequently end up on my TBR list.

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