Interview with Sharon Bloch, author of “How to be Happy – Rexy The Garden of Thoughts: Learning Positive Thinking”

RexyjpgWho are you?

My name is Sharon Bloch and I am an author of children and parents books from Israel. In the last year I translated my books into English and hope they will be loved also outside of Israel. I was a kindergarden teacher for 25 years and I am a couch for children and youth.

Do you have a goal?

My goal is to teach young people and children about our inner being. I belive children should grow learning about the freedom we have as humans to choose what we think and this way affect our reality. I belive most people have a negative thinking automat that makes our life harder than it should be. My goal is to help children learn those lessons from a young age so the road will be easier than my ownJ

Do you have any special strengths?

My strength is my ability to explain complex issues in a easy and simple way so children can understand. I think another strength I have is my experience in life. Living in different countries and cultures .

Do you have money troubles?

I build my new me and that comes with financial struggle . I used to have a chain of kindergardens that I owned . But 2 years ago I had a very profound personal experience that made me stop and choose again who and what I wish to be. My writing career is the new me I chose.

I was a foster parent for a baby refugee from Africa and after 1.5 years together me and my daughter had to say goodbye to him because his grandmother came to take him back. This was heart breaking for us and it made me stop and reevaluate my life. My children books series was created after this happened.

How do you see yourself?

I see my self as a human woman, I see myself as a mother in all my being. I love being a mother and as a teacher I always felt like a second mother to the children in my class.

I love children I feel free among them, I am free to be myself with them.

I think children are the future and education is the key to make the world a better place. I truly believe teaching children about positive thinking will make a huge difference.

If you had the power to change one thing in the world that didn’t affect you personally, what would it be?

As an Israeli who lives in conflict all my life I would definitely love to make peace between the Israeli nation and the Arab nations. I FEEL THAT FEAR IS ALWAYS A PART OF OUR LIFE HERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND IT MAKES ME SAD. My wish is that children from both sides will learn to love each other and be fear free!!!

What is your book about?

My book is about the choice we have as humans to choose what we think. Its about the understanding that our thoughts influence the way we feel and that we should not believe everything we think. We need to practice looking on our thoughts and choose positive thoughts.

How long had the idea of your book been developing before you began to write the story?

The story about Rexy was in my mind long before I wrote it. I used to tell my daughter when she was young about the “garden of thoughts” we have inside us. I told her many times in many different ways about our privilege to choose what we think. The image of the garden of thoughts was part of me for many years but the story about Rexy the dog came to me when I wanted to write a story about it that anyone can read.

How long did it take you to write your book?

The first version of my book was created while I was jogging one day. I record my self when I have ideas and one day I had the idea of a dog. Few days later I sat and wrote the whole story in one hour. Few month after that I started working on it with my editor and that made me think again about the massage the story bring to children.

What challenges did you face as you wrote this book?

The challenges I had were in believing in myself , my massage and my books and it is still a challenge especially financially.

I wrote the first book but I knew from the beginning that it will be the first of few books that will teach the massage I wish to deliver. I did not have the money to make the books and it was an inner straggle.

What do you wear when you write?

This part of why I love writingJ I can wear my comfy home cloth . I can drink my coffee and take my notes to the beach and write.

Where can people learn more about your books?

In Israel I have my own site with all the information about me , my work , my books and my beliefs . In English I start my way now. My books are on Amazon and there is my author page in Amazon too.

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