Helen Bradley Hall, Author of “Chocolate Mama”

Welcome, Helen. What is your book about?

“Chocolate Mama” is about a woman whom held a dark secret from her past that could destroy her family as a whole, or her soul. Her boyfriend, who later becomes her husband, held a darker secret that would rip his family and the entire world apart.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I was inspired by my own life adversities to write this particular book, I would say that a lot of my past issues are hidden in this book.

Tell us a little about your main characters. Who was your favorite? Why?

The main characters in my book are: Liza Dozier Hamgorium, Berlin Hamgorium, their 5 daughters: London, Leanne, Lana, Lahti, and Latasha Hamgorium. I liked London the most because through all the tragedies she stood her ground and found out the truth about her mom Liza in the end.

Is there a message in your writing you want readers to grasp?

The message I want readers to grab is it does not matter how hard or bad your life once was you can overcome it and be the person that God wants you to be.

Are you writing another book?

I am currently working on a book titled “Babyrobber’s” based on a true story about a crime spree that took place in Garden city, and Inkster Michigan.

Where can we find out more about your book?

“Chocolate Mama” is available in paperback and Kindle, it is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other sites. It is also available in Japan, Canada, and Australia. Website: www.bradleyspublishingcompany.webs.com