Ian Connors, Hero of “Seer of Mars” and “Visionary of Peace” by Cindy Borgne

somWho are you?

I’m Ian Connors, and I’ll soon graduate from the Marscorp secondary school. I want to be a ship mechanic. Dr. Clare, a psychiatrist, raised me, or at least she did part-time. My real parents were soldiers that died in combat. I wish I knew more about them. Also, I’m a psychic, but please keep that to yourself.

Where do you live?

I live at the Marscorp base, which is located in Aonia Terra region on Mars. This base is made up of several buildings, factories, and domed biospheres. There are other organizations on Mars. However, Marscorp is the largest and most powerful. The goal of Marscorp is to return our people to Earth someday. We have to grow strong enough to make that possible, because they banned immigration to Earth a long time ago.

What is it like to be psychic?

It’s frustrating. Not only can I inconsistently see the future, but I can also sense emotions. The worst part is that I have a hard time blocking out all those emotions too. If a bunch of people are mad at me, I will get a terrible headache. If I’m around people who are panicking, it can make me want to panic as well.

Seeing the future causes me a lot of stress because I often see bad things happening. Then I don’t know exactly how to prevent the disaster. I’ve seen people being seriously wounded and even dying. Some I have saved, but I feel like it takes years off my own life.

My mind is very busy, especially when I’m trying to have visions. I continue to work in my dreams, so usually I wake up feeling like I’ve been up most of the night.

What is your problem in the story?

I eventually realize I’m being used for my psychic ability. This happens when I have a vision of a valuable mine. I report this mine to Admiral Beacon and he plots to steal the mine from a small foreign organization known as Gentech. I end up mixed up in the combat, and I’m forced to see others dying thanks to my vision. I never want that to happen again, so I spend a lot of time trying to escape from Marscorp. This isn’t easy because Beacon doesn’t want to give up his prize. In other words, me!

What are you afraid of?

When I find out I can’t trust Admiral Beacon or Dr. Clare, I find it hard to trust anyone about knowing I’m a psychic. I fear they will only want to use me for their own greed.

How do your enemies see you?

Admiral Beacon sees me as a pawn to use and wants to control me. I’m an investment to him.

What do you regret?

I regret telling Beacon about the mine and not realizing sooner the seriousness of war. I was kept sheltered and protected my entire life until I went into combat to see for myself. Combat always seemed like a game as I often practiced in simulators. I found out how immature I was, and I want my talent to be used to help people, not kill them.

What makes you happy?

Kayla does. She’s a young woman I keep seeing in my visions. The most difficult thing is that she is with Gentech, the organization that owns the mine.

Do you have a hero?

I definitely think of Nate as a hero, even though he makes me look bad. He aces all his classes and is the better psychic. Eventually, I meet Sonny Nelson who becomes my best friend in the first book. I think of him as a father. He lost his daughter in the wars, and also one leg below the knee. He’s a medic and has saved a lot of lives.

Do you ever wish you didn’t have psychic ability?

I used to, but I’ve come to accept that I was meant to because I’m able to manage it all without falling apart – at least not completely. The truth is, I wouldn’t give it up. It would make me feel too helpless when it comes to protecting my friends. My world – Mars – is simply too dangerous not to have an edge.

I understand the sequel “Visionary of Peace” is out now. What is your problem this time?

One night, I have a disturbing vision of the entire Gentech post being destroyed. Then I see Sonny and Kayla dead, crashed in a ship. It’s up to me to find a way to stop a war with the Marcs.

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