Lee McCloud, protagonist of “No Remorse” by Ian Walkley

Tell us about your part in the story, Lee McCloud.

I’m a special operations soldier whose mentor’s daughter, Sophia, has been kidnapped in Mexico, along with her friend, Danni. I organize some buddies in Delta Force to help me go after the kidnappers. Trouble is, when we ambush the Mexican cops who took the girls and arranged an exchange, we discover that Sophia and Danni are sold, and long gone. Subsequently, I end up charged with murder. I’m offered only one way out of this mess––leave the Army and work with a secret government outfit operating outside the law stealing money from wealthy supporters of terrorism. I take the deal, but I’m still determined to find Sophia and Danni, even if it means disobeying orders of my new employers while I track down the guy who bought the girls.

You have to work with a beautiful computer genius, Tally. Is that difficult? Fun?

She should’ve been left at the office. She’s had no experience in the field, so I’m gonna have to hold her hand, aren’t I? At least, that was my initial assessment. Sure, she’s smart, but her good looks make her stand out in the crowd, and that’s not good in undercover roles. Also, she doesn’t like soldiers. She dated one once, and he attacked her. Or so she said. Maybe I might change my feelings later on…

Has some event in your childhood had a profound impact on your life?

My nine-year-old sister was abducted in front of my eyes when I was fourteen. She had run ahead of me along a quiet road in a park, and a van pulled up and two guys grabbed her. One of them shot at me but missed. Then she was gone. That’s why it’s so important to me that I get Sophia and Danni back. And it explains why I have no remorse the way I deal with bad guys. Trouble with today’s justice system, it leaves too many bad guys with an incentive to keep doing bad stuff.

And what about your personal life? What sort of things do you enjoy doing?

What personal life? I almost got married once. But four weeks before the wedding she dumped me for my brother. Since then, I don’t really trust women much to get close to them. Sex is sort of a recreational release for me. And lots of the women I meet, too, fortunately. The infrequent times I get away you’ll find me doing physical activities like mountain climbing, scuba diving, skiing, parachuting, that sort of thing. I might read a book on a plane occasionally, but I’m learning to fly helicopters at the moment (after No Remorse).

Do you talk to your brother any more?

If he answers the phone at my mom’s place. And then it’s a little strained. Good luck to them, I say, but I don’t forget. As for forgiveness, some things are not worth worrying about. Get on with life. But not when someone has done something truly evil. Like Sheik Khalid and his surgeons.

What are six things you would carry around on a mission?

Knife or pistol in an ankle holster; lock-picking tools; my iPhone; a key to a safe deposit box that has lots of cash and a false passport; and a few condoms for emergencies. And a gym bag full of guns and changes of clothes (I’m no Jack Reacher)

If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you like to be stranded with?

No Remorse has lots of bad stuff happening on the island of Andaran. I’m not sure I even want to answer that question. (Tally might hear.) You know, this is where the Muslims have it all over us: the seventy-two virgins thing. How can anyone beat that in paradise? Yeah, yeah, I know, keep those letters coming… One thing I am not is politically correct, okay? The real answer is: someone sexy and with a great sense of humor.

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