Corinne A. Dwyer, Publisher at North Star Press

Welcome, Corinne. What made you go into publishing?

It was in my DNA.

What is the general background of your company?

logoNorth Star Press was begun by my inlaws in 1969. I came into the firm in 1976. In the early years we did just a few books a year. Now, for 2014, we have 80 books contracted. We are a typical royalty small press in Central Minnesota and specialize in Minnesota Fiction (set in Minnesota and surrounding states), Minnesota History, Memoirs, Poetry, and Outdoor Books. We publish adult, YA, and some (a few select few) children’s picture books. I work with my daughter as my right-hand-woman. We have a staff of six.

How has the eBook revolution affected your business?

All our books, published in trade paperback or hard covers, are made into ebooks.

Some people think that with more titles available today than at any other time in history, the novel as an art form is dying. Do you agree? Disagree?

The novel isn’t dying. How can it? Storytelling has been around since cavemen days. It’s always going to be with us. How it’s presented is the only thing that might change.

What is your perfect author/client?

Our perfect author is hard-working, professional, dedicated to his or her book(s), enthusiastic, and endlessly creative.

What challenges do you and your company face?

Our challenges are growth, market share, and getting paid.

What is the most difficult part of being a publisher?

Sometimes the hardest thing we have to deal with as a small press publisher is being taken seriously. We’re not a big, New York house (and really don’t want to be), but we’re real, have been around a long time, and plan on making the transitions (whatever they are) to the future.

What is the easiest part of being a publisher?

The easiest part of being a publisher—passion. We love what we do.

What is the most rewarding part of being a publisher?

The most rewarding thing for me and handing a new author his or her first book for the first time. It’s very moving.

What are your goals for the company, your authors, and your readers?

Our goals are: for our company—growth; for our authors—satisfaction and growth in their careers; and for our readers—that they look for us because they know we publish quality books.

Where can we learn more about you, your authors, and the books you publish?

To learn more about us, go to

Thanks for the opportunity to get the word out about North Star Press — Corinne A. Dwyer, publisher