Kristofer J Stamp, Publisher at Publishing (Interview)

Welcome, Kristofer. Thank you for answering my questions. What made you go into publishing?

I saw a great number of people trying to break into publishing. It seemed like the only voices that were being heard were those that were ALREADY being heard, with no room for innovation. The only option in those days was vanity publishing, and the thought that quality writers were being extorted in such a way was something that did not make any sense to me. When I got my first real computer in the mid 1990′s and got a chance to learn about the internet Publishing was born.

What is the general background of your company?

We opened our doors in 1998 publishing downloadable electronic books. We have grown many times over through the years and now produce both traditional paperback novels and ebooks.

How do you decide to publish one book and not another? If some of the classics were subbed to you, would you have pubbed them or snubbed them?

Submissions go through a multiple review process to ensure that the best of the best make it to the publishing phase. In essence, we publish what we like. If the writing is attracts our attention and the author has taken the time to listen to our guidelines we’ll publish. Some of the classics may not have made it through our process, and I’m sure we would have been weeping!

How has the eBook revolution affected your business?

It has allowed us to come back to our roots. We started publishing ebooks in 1998, and feel we have a great feel for how to produce an ebook that is easy on the eyes. I’m personally excited to see ebooks move into the mainstream; it really allows readers to have easy access to so many more exciting authors than they did only ten years ago.

What is the most difficult part of being a publisher?

Sending out rejection notices. Publishing prides itself on giving new authors a voice. Sometimes the submission just does not meet what we feel is a good story and we have to send out that rejection. It is definitely more fun to send an acceptance!

What is the most rewarding part of being a publisher?

Seeing readers enjoy the works that we produce is the most rewarding part of owning a publishing house.

Do you publish anything or just certain genres?

We publish nearly every genre, with the exception of children’s books.

What advice you would give to an aspiring author?

If I can tell an aspiring author anything it is this: Expect to work HARD to get your works into the hands of readers. You are going to spend many hours writing your book. Then you’ll spend MONTHS editing your book to have it ready for submission. You might be looking at months before your work makes it through their editing and layout process. Finally, your work will be ready, and you’ll be working harder than ever before. The end result is worth it, but the journey can be a tough one.

Who are the authors you have published so far?

We’ve published approximately 100 authors over the years: Michelle Belanger, Sylvia Shults, Donovan Galway, Gregory Miller and many, many others.

Why should readers check out the books you publish?

I hope that readers find our works worth reading! Our authors offer unique views on a wide array of topics and genres; we offer something for everyone. Our authors, editors and artists take a huge amount of pride in offering readers only the best.

What do authors do that drives you crazy?

Authors that don’t self promote drive me NUTS. Your publisher needs you to help in the promotional efforts; not every house has the ability to promote you like a Stephen King, so you need to be out there promoting yourself as well. Authors that don’t promote don’t sell.

Do you charge your authors for any services?

NO. All services from editing to layout to covers are done in house.

Where can we learn more about you, your authors, and the books you publish?

You can find us at our official site: or on Facebook at Our books are available at all major online retailers and by special order at most brick and mortar bookstores.