Walter Dinjos, Author of “The Unfading Heiress”

51oy8IvEKiLWhat is your book about?

The Unfading Heiress, book one of Soul Switch Trilogy, is ultimately a tale of ghostly love, human greed, friendship and honour set amid a raging war between the living and the dead in a land where death transcends time and space.

Late King Eldorman has the power to end this war, but he wants justice for his beautiful murdered daughter Arengel.

However, Arengel’s destiny lies once again with the living, when she falls in love with Adel, a lowly Earmburgian. Finally, the prophecy of The Man with the Red Aureole will come to pass, but Arengel needs an earthly body to fulfil it.

The journey that Adel must take to help Arengel will not only test his strengths to the limit but also that of his close friendship with Jeofren, a fellow Earmburgian. It is a race against time through dark and magical landscapes, and even when the task seems fruitless, Adel must see it through to the end.

How long did it take you to write your book?

Too long, I think, as I was combining writing with schooling and work. Writing the draft expended nearly two years; and it has been another two years since then – revision is a b****.

What was the most difficult part about writing the book?

Didn’t I just say that revision is a b****?

Do you think writing this book changed your life?

As most writers would say, I have a story inside me. In my case, it is a coalescence of my fears, grief, joy, hopes, etc. subtly portrayed in The Unfading Heiress

When my mother passed, I must have completely drained my eyes, for I could not shed another tear, even as the blood from my father’s bullet wounds pooled around me seven years later; and I hate to make verbal conversation about the events and the pain their memory incites. Through writing this book, however, I have managed to shed my grief.

So, yes, writing this book changed my life.

Do you have any rituals that you follow before sitting down to write?

I prefer to write in the middle of the night. Darkness excites my mind. I like to write using my phone. I turn off the lights, including that of my phone and meditate in the darkness. Then once something tale-like hits my head, I pick up the phone and start punching its buttons.

What are you working on right now?

The Lost Body – the second book in the soul switch trilogy.

What writer influenced you the most?

Pamela Sargent, the author of The Golden Space . I am not one for Science Fiction about genetics, but her novel did rouse the writer in me. I remember wandering in a nearby forest after reading The Golden Space and thinking: I can do this. Then I returned home and started writing.

At what age did you discover writing?

I would say at twenty-two after reading The Golden Space. That was when I picked up a pen and started writing my unpublished first novel, although I have been writing lyrics since I was seventeen.

What is your favorite genre?

I love anything fantasy, especially epic fantasy with a tinge of romance.

What advice you would give to an aspiring author?

Write. That’s what makes you a writer; and don’t let anyone convince you that you cannot do it.

60d35efad7250ac1d188f4_L__V400054701_SY470_Where can people learn more about your books?

Visit Juju Heritage or you can follow me on twitter, or like my Facebook page.

As a parting note, I shall let you in on a secret. The Unfading Heiress will be free on on the 1st of December 2012. Also, if you are interested in what else I can do, email me at and I will send you an unreleased song of mine. Even authors can sing.