D. K. Gaston, author of “The Promise”

Welcome, D. K. What is your book about?

The Promise is the story of a dirty homicide detective named Roman Stefan. Roman makes a promise to his ailing father to give up his criminal ways. He’s having a difficult time with changing, because Roman liked being dirty. He is assigned an active case of a murdered prostitute, because the previous investigators never found any leads to the woman’s killers. When Roman is offered a bribe to lose the evidence he has found, he must struggle with his inner demons whether to take the money or keep the promise he’d made to his father.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I was looking to write a mystery that was different from my Joe Hooks series (Lost Hours, Darkest Hours). There’s quite a bit of action in that series. In The Promise, I’ve tone down the action and focused more on what made Roman Stefan the way he is today. There’s a number of flashbacks of Roman’s childhood and with each glimps, hopefully readers can see why he does what he does.

How much of a story do you have in mind before you start writing it?

I usually have the ending worked out at the start and then write the story to match the conclusion. Of course, by the time I reach the end, new elements had been added to the story that I’d never considered. New characters may be brought in. It’s really a fun process for me.

Did you do any research for the book? If so, how did you do it?

I did quite a bit of research for The Promise. As I mentioned before, there are flashbacks. I had to make sure that scenery, music, language, and clothing fit the appropriate period. The hardest time I had was finding information about a particular firestation in the 80′s. I wanted to give the actual firehouse number. It wasn’t as easy as you may think. I used the internet heavily and a lot of personal experiences to bring life to the story.

Are you writing to reach a particular kind of reader?

To be honest, I write what I like to read. I love mysteries, thrillers, paranormal and fantasy. But I do love it when readers say they enjoy my books. I hope my stories appeal to everyone.

Does writing come easy for you?

The story comes easily to me, it’s the execution of writing the story that takes a little work.

How long did it take you to write your book?

It really depends on how much research is required for a story. Well, that and how much fun I have writing it. The longest it has taken me was about 18 months. That book was The Friday House. It’s my wordiest book. Is wordiest a word by the way?

Yes, wordiest is a word. Have you written any other books?

I’ve currently written 8, XIII, Lost Hours, Darkest Hours, The Promise, Crossroads: An Anthology, Tease, The Friday House & Taurus Moon: Relic Hunter.

What writer influenced you the most? Dean Koontz.

Something about his writing really appeals to me and wants to make me a better writer.

What advice you would give to an aspiring author?

Writers are not born, they are made. If you want to be a writer, don’t judge your own skill by another’s standard. Write and keep writing you will improve with time.

Where can people learn more about your books?

All my books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or you can check out my website: http://www.dkgaston.blogspot.com/

Thank you for the interview.

Thank you for answering my questions, D. K.!