Interview with Tamara Lowery, author of HELL’S DODO

Hello Pat. Thank you for giving me this venue and opportunity to share a little bit about myself with fans and potential fans. I truly appreciate that you do things like this for fellow authors.

What is your book about?

Hell’s Dodo, book 5 in the Waves of Darkness series, recounts the adventures of the pirate Viktor Brandewyne aka Bloody Vik Brandee in his quest to find Auntie Clarissa, fifth of seven Sisters of Power. He must find the Sisters and perform seemingly impossible tasks or quests to gain their magical help towards breaking the curse that has made him a living vampire.

Clarissa sends him to find, among other things, a dragon’s egg and a dodo’s egg. His journey takes him from Colonial Savannah to Salem to the tip of South America as well as the Indian Ocean and Indonesia, with a side trip to New Orleans.

I do not have the cover from my publisher yet.

It is slated for a mid-November release by Gypsy Shadow Publishing (

Tell us about your main characters. Who is your favorite? Why?

Viktor, the main character, actually did an interview with you a few years ago (around the end of 2012 He is a pirate-turned-vampire, and he is very good at what he does.

Belladonna is a man-eating siren (half-shark/half-human, but can take full human form). She accidentally bound herself to Viktor when she took a bite out of his shoulder. Her visions and weather magic aide Vik in finding the Sisters.

Hezekiah Grimm aka the Grimm Reaper is Vik’s first mate but has sailed as a pirate captain in his own right. He’s about six or seven years older than Vik and serves to balance out his captain’s intensity; however, he is just as ruthless as Viktor. He didn’t earn the moniker Reaper for nothing.

Lazarus most often appears as a large black tom cat and sometimes as a raven. He was once Vik’s erstwhile first mate, Jim Rigger. He was magically transformed shortly after he became Viktor’s second blood meal.

It is hard to pick a favorite; they’re all fun to write. Belladonna is probably the most interesting to write, however. She isn’t human; she’s ancient despite appearances (she frequently visited the library at Alexandria before the fire, to give you an idea of her age); she is a predator in the truest sense; these combine to make her a challenge to write. As a predatory creature, some human emotions can be a struggle for her.

How long did it take you to write your book?

Hell’s Dodo took me a little more than two years to write, nearly twice as long as it predecessors in the series. I made the mistake of juggling it with two other writing projects, both of which have been shelved for after the completion of this story arc in the series. (One is a stand-alone fantasy novel based on a dream I had. The other is a Steampunk serial adventure.)

What is your goal for this book, ie: what do you want people to take with them after they finish reading the story?

I want my readers to be entertained. I want them to feel they got their money’s worth in adventure and escapism. I want them hungry for the next book to find out what happens next (although I try to avoid cliff hanger endings). If any of my readers find some kind of “message,” “statement,” or political agenda in this series, it resides solely in their own minds, not mine. I loathe politics.

What’s your writing schedule like? Do you strive for a certain amount of words each day?

In this, I am definitely atypical from what I’ve seen of other authors’ answer to this type of question. I do not have a words-per-day quota. The majority of my writing is done by hand during work breaks. I very rarely write at home or on the weekends because of my work schedule and practical demands on my time during my time off from work. Plus, there are too many distractions at home to make getting in any writing mind set easy.

What are you working on right now?

I just finished writing the first draft of book six, The Daedalus Enigma, in September. I’m currently writing the first draft of the seventh book, Maelstrom of fate. I also have a short story of Lovecraftian horror to polish up and submit for the horror anthology The Nameless for Ironclad Press ( The deadline on that is fast approaching.

When were you first published? How were you discovered?

My first book, Blood Curse, was published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing in 2011. I contracted with them after four years of collecting rejection slips from agents and publishers alike. I found Gypsy Shadow through Facebook. Beth Wylde (the pen name of a published friend of mine; she primarily writes lesbian erotica) had liked their page. I investigated their website and saw that my book would fit in nicely with their catalogue. They were a new indie press, but had recently signed famed sci-fi/fantasy author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough to re-release her backlog titles she’d regained the rights to as ebooks. I figured if someone who’d been in the industry as long as she had trusted them, I’d give them a try. It paid off.

Have you written any other books?

Yes. Hell’s Dodo will be my fifth published novel. The first four, in order, are Blood Curse, Demon Bayou, Silent Fathoms, and Black Venom. I also have an ebook-only dark fantasy short story, In the Dead of Winter, with Gypsy Shadow. I have several other writing projects patiently awaiting my attention and time.

What has been your greatest internal struggle to overcome in relation to your writing career?

Anxiety over confrontation, even in situations that are really non-confrontational. It is entirely irrational, but something I deal with frequently. In the past, I’ve allowed it to delay me in doing things to further my writing career. I suppose mild self-doubt is at the core of it; and I’m a notorious procrastinator.

What genre are your books?

They are adventure/horror, but my other projects range across several genres: horror, Steampunk, fantasy, and dystopian. I may even foray back into space opera, my first love in my teen years. (I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I saw Episode 4 at the drive-in back in ’77, and I grew up on Star Trek and Lost In Space. Yes, I AM that old. I’ve got scars older than half my coworkers.)

Do your characters ever take on a life of their own?

Most definitely. They often reveal what they are going to do during the writing process; things that have no connection to ANY of my plot points or notes. They even defy me on what I want them to do, sometimes. For example, it wasn’t until the first chapter of book six that I learned WHY one of my antagonists made a pet out of a minor character rather than kill him in book 3. Her reasoning proved sound and will provide readers with some fan service regarding Viktor. So, I’ve learned to just roll with it when the characters take over. I can always edit it out later, if necessary.

If your book was made into a TV series or movie, what actors would you like to see playing your characters?

Two of the original actors I wanted have aged out of the roles now. In all honesty, they were aged out when I first picked them. It could still work if the film(s) were done CGI/motion-capture like Beowulf was done.

Viktor Brandewyne: Liam Neeson (even though Vik is half Cherokee)

Hezekiah Grimm: Willem Dafoe (I think he’d make a great pirate)

Belladonna: Avril Lavigne (provided she can act; I know she can sing)

Uncle Zeke (the wizard of Hell’s Breath Island): Morgan Freeman (he will NEVER age out)

I really don’t have any particular actors in mind for any of the other characters.

Where can people learn more about your books?

My website (which seems to be in a constant state of construction lately, as I add to and tweak it) is Tamara Lowery’s Scribblings ( I have all my books listed there along with purchase links for Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million for each title. I have linked the various reviews they’ve received, as well. The site also hosts character profiles, a “Readers’ Refuge” for various excerpts and deleted scenes, and my weekly blog.

Gypsy Shadow Publishing has an author page for me.

On Facebook, my page is and my discussion group, Waves of Darkness and Other Writings of Tamara Lowery is

Thank you again for having me.

Thank you for letting me interview you!

Interview with Belladonna, hero of HELL’S DODO by Tamara Lowery

Hello Pat, I finally convinced Belladonna, one of the major characters in my Waves of Darkness series to agree to an interview. Thanks for this opportunity. ~ Tamara Lowery

Who are you?

(laughs) A more accurate question would be “What are you?”

I am Belladonna, eldest daughter of the great sea dragon Theonikos, which makes me a siren.

Do you embrace conflict?

Life is conflict. yes, I embrace conflict. Occasionally I even incite it; the chemical changes it causes in the bodies of my prey add flavor to the meat.

How do you see yourself?

I am a predator. For the most part, my prey is sentient. There have been times when I’ve had to settle for sharks, but I prefer mermaids or humans.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

Most definitely, although I object to her attempts to humanize me. Any human traits I exhibit are merely learned habits I use to blend in with my prey or to capitalize on their weaknesses. I do like to play with my food.

She does at least recognize the difference between a mermaid and a siren. I know that my shark tail in my true form rather than human guise could cause some confusion on the matter. (extends fingers to 10-inch razor-sharp talons and grins literally ear-to-ear to reveal multiple rows of needle-like teeth) However, mermaids do not eat sirens, nor can they take human form.

Well, I should correct that. True mermaids are blonde and cannot take human form. Sirens have red hair and can take human form. The rare males can also transform into sea dragons capable of swallowing a ship whole. Viktor Brandewyne (pauses in irritation) sired a merman on a mermaid. The new strain in the species has black hair and can take human form. At least the dark-haired ones cannot breed with humans like the purebreds. As it is, they breed like guppies and are quickly becoming the dominant strain in the species. (frowns in disgust)

Do you have a goal?

It used to be to regain my freedom. I once made the mistake of taking a bite out of Viktor. Now, I am magically and telepathically bound to the pirate-turned-vampire. He is powerful enough to master me, something I fought against vehemently for some time. My attitude toward him has changed over the years we’ve sailed together. My primary goal is to help him find the Sisters of Power. After that: we’ll see.

What makes you happy?

A skilled lover and a satisfying meal. In most cases, the former becomes the latter. As I said, I like to play with my food.

What do you regret?

Biting that chunk out of Viktor. I was free for millennia.

What, if anything, haunts you?

Being exiled from my native waters of the Mediterranean and Black seas. Who’d think that old wizard would be so touchy over a few hurricanes?

Have you ever betrayed anyone?

I had my pregnant sister killed in an attempt to protect my territory from her mate. It didn’t work.

Do you have any distinguishing marks?

(smiles wryly) That is an interesting, if abrupt, subject change. Did my answer to the last question disturb you?

Very well: I have blood red hair. My eyes are the color of the ever-changing sea in my human guise but amber-gold in my true form. I have a mouthful of very efficient, needle-like teeth and can open my mouth wide enough to bite a man’s face off, but I can make them appear blunt like a human’s. My jaws are powerful enough to crush a man’s skull. My fingers can extend to 10-inch, razor-sharp talons and house toxin-bearing stinger cells in the fingertips, much like the stinger cells found in jellyfish tentacles. They exude toxins that can cause mild discomfort, chemical burns, anesthesia, or a paralysis that can cause a very painful but swift death. I also have an amazing voice capable of ultrasonic frequencies and volumes that can sonically lobotomize a human. I use song-spells to bend the winds and currents to my will.

What in your past had the most profound effect on you?

The murder of my sister. It led to a war between me and her mate. Eventually, it led to my exile from and the dragon’s restriction to my old territory. He cannot pass beyond Gibraltar, and I would forfeit my freedom to him to reenter those waters.

Who is your true love?

I am loathe to admit love at all. It is too human an emotion, and I am NOT human. However, given how rarely I have observed what you call “true love” really demonstrated by humans, I will say that I love Viktor. I would and have put his needs above my own, something normally alien to my nature. Anything less than that is merely lust or infatuation, two things all too often called “love.” Oh, I understand and enjoy lust quite well. It is a very useful tool to me. Infatuation, however, is something I never have and never will suffer from.

What is your favorite food? Why?

Mermaid, purebred anyway. To eat any of the strain Viktor introduced would only bind me that much closer to his will and possibly incur his anger. He is very protective of anything he considers his.

I prefer mermaid over human because their diet is far healthier, and they present more of a challenge as prey than humans. They are wily and wary of predators. Humans, the males especially, but quite often the females, too, all too often allow their lust to override their sense of self-preservation or forethought to the consequences of their actions. I’ve had men swim to my deadly embrace willingly; simply because they were more focused on what was below my shoulders rather than what was above them.

If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you rather be stranded with, a man or a woman?

(laughs again) First, I can’t be stranded on an island, with the exception of Hell’s Breath Island. She only lets you leave when she wants you to.

However, for the sake of argument, if I was stranded on an island, I wouldn’t care whether I was with a man or a woman. Food is food.

You can read my profile page at As the URL indicates, my profile picture is not safe for work. I find clothing a nuisance.

Thank you for being a gracious hostess. Is there anyone around here you wouldn’t miss? All this talk of food has my appetite up.

Thank you for letting me interview you. I think.

Interview with Mrs. Xavier Stayton, hero of MURDER MOST CONVENIENT by Robert Colton

How do you do, Pat? My name is Mrs. Xavier Stayton. Do please pardon me, I am new to all this. My first book was only just recently published. I am quite thrilled to give an interview, and will do my best to answer your questions.

Welcome, Mrs. Stayton. Tell us, do you have a hero?

Oh, yes, Charles Lindbergh. As you know, just last year he flew from America nonstop to Paris. My husband, rest his soul, would have been so thrilled with this amazing accomplishment.

What is your favorite beverage, and why?

Tea, growing up in the United States, tea was always just a drink, however, now that I live in London it is rather symbolic of my new way of life. There is a ritual to the serving of tea, and the time it takes gives one a moment to reflect.

Please name five things in your handbag.

Well, of course there is my little silver snuff box; my cigarette case; my lipstick; a bit of pocket money, both pounds and dollars; oh and yes, my pearl handled pistol.

Do you have any hobbies?

Well, I have given up on several hobbies. I had lessons on the piano and painting, to name a few. People are always concerned about how a young widow spends her time, and suggest hobbies. I seem to have very little free time between writing, testifying in murder cases and travel.

Did you get along with your parents?

Well, of course. My father keeps to himself, he’s a busy man at The Men’s Hospital back in Saint Louis. My mother is hopeful that one day I will move back, she does not understand my love of England. But we get on all the same.

Have you ever failed at anything?

-sigh- I am not proud of my flying record. Airplanes give me the willies. I think Xavier would have been disappointed in me.

What is your favorite color?

Blue, it is the color of the sky, the color of water and the color of my dear Xavier’s beautiful eyes.

Have you ever had an adventure?

Several, there was the murder at Pierce Manor, the incident on-board the RMS Olivia and then the missing mummy in Egypt, just to start with!

How do you envision your future?

Hmm…well, that is a mystery that I have not yet solved.

Interview with Bailey Devlin from the Bailey Devlin series by Rebecca Forster

bdThanks for the opportunity Pat. Instead of my thrillers, I chose The Bailey Devlin Series, books-without-bodies, sweet romance written as a gift for my mom’s 91st birthday.

What is your story?

My story is pretty basic. I’m looking for love but with the right person. If the right person doesn’t come along, then I’m looking to make it on my own. I don’t mean make it big time, I mean make it in a good, honest way. I just don’t want to ever wonder how I’ll pay the rent like my mom did. It’s tough being a single mother or the only child of a single mother. I worried a lot as a kid so that’s why I want to pull my own weight – but only if I don’t find a good man to help me pull it.

Where do you live?

San Francisco. Well, not the city but close enough that I can see that beautiful golden bridge in the distance. I’ll get to the city one day. That’s how hard I’ll work.

Do you have money troubles?

Oh, big time! Student loans – I’m in law school you know – so I’ve got a bunch of bills. I work at the courthouse sandwich shop, but the wages aren’t anything to write home about. Still, Mr. Balmati, the owner, and his daughter are like family so I’m happy there. And, if it weren’t for working there I would never have met Jeffery. And if I didn’t have to live in a run down old apartment building, I never would have met Ethan. So, maybe money problems are a good thing. What do you think?

Who is your true love?

Boy, I sure wish I knew. I’ll have to get to book 3 to find out who I picked. Ethan and Jeffery are both good men just different as night and day. It’s hard to choose between good men.

Last book you read:

Constitutional Law – or I read part of it but I keep falling asleep. It’s no fun sleeping with a book.

How do you envision your future?

Secure. Sweet. A fairy tale. But don’t tell anyone that because wishes don’t come true if you say them out loud.I’m a little superstitious.

What do you need?

Family. I kind of have that. Just not the one I thought I’d have. I was really weird about that. It took me a long, long time to realize that families don’t come in one size. I’m happy I was smart enough to finally get it.

Did the author portray you accurately?

Yep, It’s almost like we’re twins separated at birth. I’ve been meaning to ask her about that. I feel like I’m channeling her, but if her life was anything like mine she’s really a little bit of a dork.

How do you see yourself?

Competent. Hard working. Serious. Gawky. Well meaning. Suffering from foot-in-mouth disease. I’m so well meaning that I screw up the one thing I mean to do well by.

Are you lucky?

You wouldn’t know it from reading my books, but yes. I’m lucky. It’s just that Lady luck doesn’t hand me anything. As much as I believe in her, she makes me work for it. Maybe that’s so I appreciate whatever she sends my way.

Interview with Tamara Carrington of “Alawahea: The Azellian Affairs, Book One” by Sara L Daigle

25842569Who are you?

I am Tamara Carrington, college student, young woman, daughter, girlfriend

Where do you live?

Denver, Colorado, Earth

Are you the hero of your own story?

Others may see it differently, but I don’t see myself as a hero, just someone who is doing the best she can

What is your problem in the story?

I meet these aliens and am getting to know them. It’s turning my life upside down, especially when I fall in love…and learn a bunch of stuff about my family and myself that I probably should have guessed, but never realized.

Do you embrace conflict?

I don’t like conflict and tend to avoid it, but if I have to, I will face it.

How do you see yourself?

A little shy, avoiding the lime-light, but deep down I do know I am strong enough to face anything that comes into my life.

How does the author see you?

The author sees me as much more than I see myself. I have navigated some very intense, life changing experiences and come out stronger in the end. I forget that sometimes.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

She did a wonderful job of portraying me. I was surprised at some of the strengths she showed.

Do you have a hero?

Mother Teresa

Did you get along with your parents?

I did get along with my parents; I love them both dearly. I sometimes wondered what they were hiding, because it was obvious there was more going on than I knew, but I didn’t let it bother me. Mostly.

What in your past had the most profound effect on you?

The hidden stuff that I didn’t discover until the Azellians came into my life.

What in your past would you like to forget?

A certain incident that happened in my late teens. I didn’t get past that incident until I met Greg, a wonderful Azellian healer.

What in your past would you like others to forget?

That same incident. I had to leave the high school I was at because what had happened was so disturbing.

Who was your first love?

My dog, Brindle. I fell in love with her when I was six and she was my constant companion until I was eighteen, when we had to put her down. I still miss her.

What is the most important thing that ever happened to you? Why?

Meeting the Azellians (the aliens). My whole life changed the day that they walked into the Registrar’s office. They introduced so much into my life: love, joy, fear, change, the airing of family secrets that had been poisoning our family. While it also ushered in adulthood (I’m not sure I was ready for that), I could greet what came with a clearer sense of myself and my abilities.

Was there a major turning point in your life?

The day I agreed to start spending time with the Azellians. They tell me that what ended up happening would have happened anyway, but sometimes I wonder if they were telling me the truth. Then I remember all the wonderful friends I have made and the intense connections and realize that I really am grateful that they came into my life.

What is your favorite scent? Why?

Lilacs. They remind me of spring.

What is your favorite color? Why?

Blue. It relaxes me, makes me realize there is more to the world than just what is happening in my life.

“Alawahea: The Azellian Affairs, Book One”
Author: Sara L Daigle (
Amazon: :


Interview With Lacy Dawn, the protagonist of “Rarity from the Hollow” by Robert Robert Eggleton

COtiXSKWUAQIsXeLacy Dawn is the protagonist of Rarity from the Hollow, a literary science fiction novel written by Robert Eggleton. She’s the last person that you would expect to save the universe – a skinny, eleven year old girl with stringy brown hair, from a hollow between the hills in West Virginia. She is also a prototypical humanoid whose savior attributes have evolved for hundreds of thousands years, the product of a genetic implant installed by Universal Management. This Lacy Dawn Adventure picks up with a threat to the economic structure of the universe. It is in imminent danger, potentially devastating billions of citizens living on hundreds of planets if Lacy Dawn cannot find a solution to prevent its collapse. An android has been sent to Earth for Lacy Dawn’s final training. He installs a port in her upper spine so that content from the Universal Database can be directly downloaded into her brain. During tutoring sessions, they fall so deeply in love with each other that the android begins to aspire to achieve human-like emotions and Lacy Dawn finds a boyfriend for when she is old enough to have one.

Hi, Lucy, what is your story?

I don’t really have a story. I’m just a kid who loves her mom and dad, even if dad is messed up – it’s not his fault, he used to be a good man, it was that damn war in Iraq, he came back and just wasn’t the same, not by a long shot. I still love him though, and I’m doing everything that I can to fix him. I’m studying really, really hard – working on it. I’m just a regular kid. There are lots of kids like me, my school is full of us. Each of us has our own story to tell, but nobody really wants to listen. They just say they do, but it’s part of their jobs. If is wasn’t for kids like me with a few problems here and there, just growing up stuff, you know, some adults wouldn’t even have jobs. They get paid for helping us, but I don’t need them because I’ve got a real best friend who is really, really powerful, for real. I’d let you meet him, but he’s not supposed to do stuff like that. Well, that’s it. That’s my story. Pretty boring, huh?

Who are you?

My name is Lacy Dawn Hickman and I’m going to be in the sixth grade next year when school starts. I always make straight A’s because that’s what makes my mommy most proud. She brags about it ‘cause we ain’t got much else to brag about. I’ve got a dog. His name is Brownie. I live down the holler just before the last school bus stop, but if the roads are slick, like in the winter, I have to walk up to the top of the hill. I’ve never missed a day of school and I sure don’t want to start now – no matter what! There ain’t nothing more important than an education. I’m going to be a veterinarian when I grow up, but my friend says that I have some other job to do first. I can float a few inches above the floor and move places without walking. Do you want to see? No, I ain’t supposed to show anybody. Sorry.

Where do you live?

Have you ever heard this? Mountaineers are always free! I’m from West Virginia, and proud of it, but I’m not sure why. My daddy always watches WVU football on TV, when it comes in cause we ain’t got no cable. I wish he wouldn’t get so drunk, but it’s funny sometimes, like when he gets excited and yells at the screen and stuff. I live in an okay house. I’ve got my own bedroom, that’s more than some girls my age. I wish that our bathroom had a door on it though. Sometimes, you know, it’s gross, never mind. This summer I get to plant my very own garden. Mommy promised. I’m still deciding on what to grow. Do you like veggies? I like meat okay as long as I don’t think about where it comes from. Cows have beautiful eyes. It makes me sad to think about it. We go into town every now and then and one day I’ll get to see a Harry Potter movie, like on my birthday. Everybody knows where I live. Do you want to visit? Tell me first because we’ll have to clean up or mommy would be embarrassed. We always leave one beer can to use as an ashtray. Do you smoke? It’s gross. Mommy don’t and I ain’t ever.

Are you the hero of your own story?

I ain’t no hero. That’s something else. Everybody keeps telling me how cool I am, smart and stuff. I am getting’ smarter, every day. I can feel it. I get extra help learning stuff. My best friend, oh forget I said that, I’m not supposed to talk about it. Anyway, sometimes I don’t know where the answers come from. It’s like magic or something. I just know stuff, a lot of stuff, stuff that I don’t know why I even want to know about, some of it is grow up stuff. It’s gross. I know how to help out people when they are having problems. I’m a lot better at it than the preacher. But that don’t make me no hero, not matter what other people say.

What is your problem in the story?

I ain’t got no problems. Well, nothing that I can’t handle. My friend keeps telling me that I have a real important job to do, something about saving the universe. I know about the universe. I know hundreds of different languages. Do you want to learn how to say “hello” in Simbean? It’s a planet close to, oh never mind, it’s too complicated. Maybe I should be a French teacher instead of a vet. Parlez-vous francais? I don’t know why my friend keeps talking about problems someplace else. I lied before. Sorry. I just wanted to sound brave. My problem is that I’ve got to fix my parents before my daddy kills my mommy and, maybe, me too. My mom cries all the time when I ain’t looking. She tries not to let me see, but I know that she does. Her eyes are red and sometimes I can hear her. It’s really, really sad. My dad got some pills from the VA but they ain’t helping. It’s up to me to fix things. It’s a kids job to fix her parents and any kid who don’t ain’t much of a kid and maybe don’t even deserve to live. Don’t you think that’s true?

Do you run from conflict?

I ain’t never run from nothing. It’s stupid. If you run from a bear, that bear will just chase you down. Think about copperheads, move real slow. That’s my advice. There ain’t much more dangerous than a copperhead in this universe. Running away never helps nothing.

How do you see yourself?

Sometimes I see myself as a kid alone in the woods, metaphorically speaking. See, I told you that I was smart. Other times, I see myself as the lead singer in a rock band, like James Hetfield of Metallica. That’s daddy’s favorite band. I’ve been looking at Goodwill every time we go for a CD that daddy doesn’t have, but no luck yet. I am kind. I am smart. I am important. Just kidding, did you see that movie? They showed it at school for social studies class every day for a week this year. There’s only one black kid in my whole school. I think we all need a lot more diversity training, a lot more. That’s my favorite movie of all time, but I do want to see one with Harry Potter. Other girls have shown me his picture and he is sooooooooooo cute!

How do your friends see you?

My best friend is named, Faith. I don’t know where her parents came up with that name. Nobody in her family has been inside of a church, not once. They need it too, except for Faith, she’s cool. Faith thinks that I have magic. I told her that I just have another best friend who teaches me stuff, but I don’t think that she believes me. I’m not allowed to introduce her to him. It’s against the rules. Faith thinks I’m too slow at fixing stuff. I told her that I’m doing the best I can, that I’m growing up too. Faith thinks that I’m kind, I’m good – just kidding again. Seriously, though, that’s what she really thinks. Honest. Ask her.

I don’t get to play with the other kids after school. They live too far away and daddy doesn’t want to drive me. When mommy learns how to drive, maybe she will. I think that those kids think that I’m too smart for my own britches. Most of the time I try not to look so smart. I want to fit in with the crowd, you know, fit. They like me okay, I guess, but they only talk to me when they want me to help them, like when they are feeling angry, or sad, or scared. I like helping them, but every once in a while it would be nice if somebody else besides Faith asked me to do something fun, or tell me a joke or something.

There is this one girl at school who is real jealous of me. Her name is Brittany. If I wasn’t there, Brittany would definitely be the smartest kid in school. I miss spelling words every time there’s a bee on purpose so she can win. Does she thank me? Heck no. And she knows that I’m missing those words on purpose. She has to. Last year, Faith beamed her in the back of the head with a dodge ball. I fussed at Faith for doing it, and didn’t laugh then, not even a smile. But after I got home I LMFAO. Do you know what that means? I’m not allow to say the “F” word, so I can’t tell you if you don’t. I ain’t got no computer at the house, but my friend lets me mess around on one of the ones that he’s got in his spaceship, oops, anyway, you wouldn’t believe what people say on the internet.

My other best friend, you know, the guy, but he ain’t got know private parts, not even a little bump, so it’s okay, he thinks that I’m like a God or something. I think he’s crazy ‘cause I ain’t that smart yet. It’s weird, but I kind of like him thinking that I’m something special when I’m not. Pretty soon, I’ll have him wrapped around my little finger and I’ll make him fix my parents. I didn’t learn how to do that to a man from the computer. My mommy has already taught me how to make men do what you want them to do, and, no, it ain’t got nothing to do with s, e, x. That’s where some girls mess up. They think that s, e, x is how you get a man to do whatever you want him to, like take out the trash or fix the roof. Since you are a girl too, you probably know all this stuff. A man’s attention span is too short for s, e, x to work for very long. Ain’t it? My mommy’s smart. Maybe she didn’t graduate from high school, but she knows a lot of stuff, not book smart, but SMART.

How does the author see you?


Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

Oh, I get it now. You think that I’m a made up character in a fictional story. Here, sing along with this, “I am he as you are he as you are me, And we are all together.” Does that answer your question? Did you ever play that Beatle’s record backward? Paul ain’t dead.

I’m as alive as any other part of Robert Eggleton’s personality, perhaps more so. There’s no way to portray any of us, the ones who live in his mind, any way other than accurately because we are what we are. That was a weird question. Anyway, I’ve got homework to do. It ain’t good enough just to know answers. A person has to actually do something with the answers before they count. And, what I’ve got to do before school tomorrow is a three page essay and a take home pre-algebra test. If I don’t write down the answers and turn in the papers, I score zero points. I doesn’t matter that I already know the answers inside my head. That counts for zip. See ya later, alligator.

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About the author:

Robert Eggleton has served as a children’s advocate for over forty years. He is best known for his investigative reports about children’s programs, most of which were published by the West Virginia Supreme Court where he worked from 1982 through 1997. Today, he is a recently retired psychotherapist from the mental health center in Charleston, West Virginia. Rarity from the Hollow is his debut novel and its release followed publication of three short Lacy Dawn Adventures in magazines: Wingspan Quarterly, Beyond Centauri, and Atomjack Science Fiction. Author proceeds have been donated to a child abuse prevention program operated by Children’s Home Society of West Virginia.

Author Contacts:

Interview with Marietta Rodgers, Author of “Looney Bin Incorporated”

26169603What is your book about?

Looney Bin Incorporated is a humorous satire about how corporations maximize profits, by exploiting workers. It takes place in a psychiatric hospital, which is just a front for a corporation brazenly called, Looney Bin Incorporated. In a world where profits are put above people, this corporation takes it a step further, by literally selling insanity. As the patients/workers gradually become aware that they are being exploited, they begin to fight back. One of the characters leading the charge is Crazy Bob, who is considered the most insane and so he is the company’s top performer. The book is about the modern corporate entity and how greed outweighs social responsibility.

Who is your most interesting/most likable character?

The most likeable character would have to be Sam, a narcotic guy, who loves Dr. Seuss and only speaks in rhymes. There is definitely an innocence about him that you tend to lose as an adult, but Sam keeps his inner child very much alive. One of the most interesting characters is Drake, who has been at Looney Bin Incorporated for twenty-five years and has never been diagnosed. He can’t even remember the reason why he is there, other than his father brought him there when he was eighteen, because he was, “slightly eccentric.”

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I was inspired by the novel, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Crazy Bob, one of the central characters, very much channels the spirit of Yossarian from that book. Looney Bin Incorporated is a sort of 21st century take on Catch-22. I wanted to shine a light on the new type of corporate culture in our society, where we have enormous conglomerates that are only responsible to their shareholders. The days of corporate pensions are a thing of the past.

Who do you imagine is your ideal reader?

My ideal reader first and foremost, would be someone with a sense of humor. Looney Bin Incorporated is filled with light-hearted humor and ironical situations. Beyond a reader having a sense of humor though, I would say ideally, that the reader is a humanist and believes in social justice and reform. I would hope the reader has a world view and thinks beyond rigid categories.

What do you like to read? What is your favorite genre?

I am all over the map as far as genres go; I may go from a classic like, Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, to reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I like books that evoke critical thinking and that try to widen your point of view.

What writer influenced you the most?

One writer that has most influenced me is Ralph Ellison. I remember when I first read Invisible Man in college and the profound effect it had on me. It is a remarkable book about African American identity and racial issues that are still relevant today.

How has your background influenced your writing?

I’ve always been a voracious reader; as a kid my mom would take me to the library once a week. I use to write short stories in notebooks and I was always day dreaming. I was a bit of a space cadet actually. I really wanted to be a writer though, at the age of twelve after I read, The Lord of the Rings trilogy. To be able to submerse yourself deep into a story like that is a rare thing that I wanted to hold on to and never lose.

What one book, written by someone else, do you wish you’d written yourself?

I wish I would have written the play, No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre. It is a story about three characters stuck in a room in hell, and none of them will admit to why they are there at first. They begin to wonder why they are not being physically tortured and after a period of time being stuck together, it becomes clear that, that is the torture and thus one of the characters says, “Hell is other people.” I also would have liked to have written, Endgame by Samuel Beckett. I love existentialist/absurd ideas, where an individual’s search for meaning can often collide with the universe.

Describe your writing in three words?

Humorous social criticism.

Where can people learn more about your book?

You can learn more about my book by following me at

Looney Bin Incorporated as well as my other novel, The Bill are available to purchase at and!marietta-ro



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